24 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Business Websites in 2020

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Getting the best website plugins for your business can be overwhelming, particularly for new users. Are you looking for the best plugins in terms of speed, backups, SEO, and social media? Well, WordPress is one of the most significant resources to enable users to find the best solution. It offers you sufficient tools to help you grow your business websites. The plugins installed in new blogs and website include:


It is a user-friendly contact form in theWordPress. It integrates payment platform with the popular marketing powerful forms. The latest pro version has powerful features for your business with the capacity to enable you to generate leads.


It is done of the best WordPress plugins enabling you to carry out google analytics in addition to connecting your website to google analytics. You can use it to see all the essential statistics you need on your WordPress dashboard.

Yoast SEO

SEO helps drive move traffic to your website. Although WordPress is SEO friendly, there is a lot you can do with the tools to enable you to boost traffic using on your page SEO.

Constant Contact

Email is a great way to achieve reliable and effective marketing as it allows you to keep in touch with your clients even when they have left your website already.  This feature enables you to build an emailing list quickly for non-techy users.


It enables you to convert rates in the market. You can save your website visitors to subscribers to your email, and in turn, they become customers. Its primary function is to enable you to email subscribers.


It is a security feature for your WordPress. It monitors and protects your website from attacks by blocking them.


It is a popular WordPress plugin allowing you  to have automatic backups in place by storing your information in alternative locations such as email, Google Drive, and dropbox.

Wp Rocket

It is a WordPress feature enabling you to promptly improve your website speeds as well as performance without involving technical skills. It doesn’t wait for your request; instead it crawls your website to come up with results and build your website cache.

Beaver Builder

It allows you to customize your website by creating a custom page. You can create a custom landing page within a short time.

Member Press

It is a feature allowing you to build membership sites and online communities using WordPress. It enables you to create subscriptions for the users of your website, and it also works with several payment solutions.


It is a WordPress plugin enabling you to drive more traffic to your website and draw a massive following through email subscriptions. It helps you get more traffic after more signups and followers and, in turn, get more sales and revenue.

CSS Hero

It enables you to customize your WordPress theme without doing any coding. With this feature, you can quickly build custom layouts.


It helps you grow leads and get followers, even when your website isn’t functional. You can use it to inform your potential customers about an upcoming webpage using landing pages.


It is a WordPress plugin enabling you to create and sell courses on your WordPress online. Through its dropdown menu, you can easily create lessons, assignments, or quizzes.

G Suite

It is a WordPress plugin enabling you to save costs on licenses and also get professional email addresses.


It is a digital marketing tool enabling you to get a piece of competitive information about your competitors so that you can outdo them.


It enables you to add live chats to your website instantly. You can customize it and also integrate it with your existing software.

Pretty Links Pro

It is useful in managing affiliate links by making them short and memorable. It is suitable for marketers, podcasters, and business owners too.

Shared Counts

It allows you to add impressive social sharing buttons. Ou can use it to add social proof to your website.


It enables you to send emails using WordPress properly. The users will be getting notifications for relevant emails.

Insert Headers and Footers

It is beneficial for business owners as it enables you to add snippets to your WordPress easily.


The feature enables you to come up with multilingual websites using WordPress.

Woo Commerce

It has powerful features you need to create online stores. Helping you to win trust among your customers.


It allows you to get business phone numbers. Importantly, you can receive calls directly to your phone right from your business. It is an affordable and reliable tool for your phone call services.

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