How Siteground Hosting Improves Website Performance By Over 48%

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All hosting services claim to be the fastest hosting service in the world.Reviews about web hosting companies are not hard to find, although almost all of them consist of personal opinions and a lot of positive claims about a specific web hosting service. In addition, most of them fail to back their claims with proof. Here, we will compare hosting platforms against each other.

OXP Is Hosted On SiteGround

Google now considers a website’s page loading time one of the most important factors in rankings. To meet that expectation, OXP is faster than ever. One of the steps of this process was finding the perfect web hosting service that provides fast servers and great customer service.

Onextrapixel currently uses SiteGround hosting to power up OXP, making OXP faster than even some of the most popular design blogs out there. A quick test on the Pingdom Speed Test tool shows how fast OXP really is.

To see how fast SiteGround hosting is, we compared OXP website performance against other popular design blogs that use different hosting services. The results were quite surprising. OXP was found to load in just 2.76 seconds using the Pingdom Speed Test. Others, however, took longer.

Smashing Magazine, which uses Media Temple hosting, has much lower requests and a smaller page size, yet it takes 4.22 seconds for the website to load. That’s 1.46 seconds longer than OXP’s loading time.

DesignrFixis hosted on iWeb, and it’s much faster when compared to others. The site loads in 3.43 seconds. But, it’s still 0.67 seconds slower than OXP.

Sitepoint uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting and the website loads in 4.03 seconds. Considering its large number of requests and page size, this is fairly fast, but not fast enough to beat OXP’s 2.76-second speed.

SiteGround’s servers seems to perform 48% faster than Media Temple’s servers. SiteGround is much faster than most other popular web hosting providers and offers a number of incredible features for their affordable managed WordPress hosting plans. From its very own WordPress SuperCacher service to full SSD storages and free SSL certificates, SiteGround servers are fully optimized to offer the highest performance possible for all its customers.

SiteGround’s WordPress SuperCacher uses 3 levels of caching to make a website super-fast:

  • Level 1: Static content cache
  • Level 2: Dynamic data cache powered by NGINX
  • Level 3: Database queries results cache powered by Memcached

It’s the combination of all these performance-enhancing features that makes any website hosted on SiteGround faster than its competitors.

In addition to its incredibly fast performance, SiteGround’s managed WordPress hosting plans come with many other features that make it even more special:WordPress Auto-Updater, Free Daily Backups, Free Website Transfer, Host Unlimited Websites, Unmetered Traffic, 24/7 Customer Support and Money-Back Guarantee

Even with all these amazing and powerful features, SiteGround offers its services for extremely affordable prices.

In Conclusion

While SiteGround provides faster loading times, the quality of a hosting provider can’t be determined based on its performance alone. It must also provide easily manageable user control panels, quick and friendly customer support, different locations to host websites, and high-level security.