Maximizing Your Development Workflow with the WP Engine DevKit

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You’ll hear the phrase “development workflow” tossed around quite a bit in development communities. What exactly does it mean?

A development workflow is an established set of tools, systems, and processes used by either a single developer or a team of developers throughout the lifecycle of a web project. To put it simply, a development workflow is a consistent way of doing all the things that fall under the umbrella of web development, starting with initial project setup all the way through project launch and ongoing maintenance.

A good development workflow brings many benefits to a web project including organization, consistency, and a refined process. This translates directly into more effective (and efficient) project cycles, bringing down your total time and cost of development for internal or client projects.

In this ebook, we’ll look at an overview of a web development workflow with a specific focus on the Build phase. After reading this, you’ll understand conceptually what a modern development workflow entails and how you can leverage tools built into the WP Engine Digital Experience Platform to streamline your systems.

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