5 Easy Tips Web Developers Should Know

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5 Easy Tips Web Developers Should Know

There are several web developers out there trying to make an impact. Every developer wants to be the one who makes the name on the job market. If may have landed on this article because you are checking out tips that can improve your skill as a web developer. You have landed on the best article since you are going to find out things you do not know already. Here are some tips that are relevant to the modern developer.

  1.    Use the right image

Images are very important in communicating your message to your audience. Use the appropriate image at all times. Use images that properly portray the purpose of the website. If it is a company website, the image should portray the people that work in the company. These will make the website look more trustworthy. You can even request for real photos taken by the organization. At least, this will make the website look real. You should also consider the size of the images you are working with. Small image sizes may not look really sharp. These things make your website look shabby.

  1.    Make your website mobile optimized

If your goal is to develop a website that works for the modern world, you should make them mobile optimize. Over 80% of internet users access the internet on their phones primarily. Users want to have a good experience when they visit websites on their phones. If your website is not mobile optimized, users will have a hard time using the website. If the experience they have when they visit the website on the computer is different and better than the one they have when they visit the mobile version, they will not visit your website again. Check the layout, the response time, and any other thing that can improve the user experience. Once people can seamlessly browse the website on their mobile phones, you will have more people visiting the website.

  1.    Navigation

Navigation is very important if you want to develop a website that users keep coming back to. In recent times, business owners are investing more in user experience. When the users find it easy to navigate your website, they will keep coming back. Your design must make it easy for them to browse around. When they land on the homepage, they must know where to visit next. Link the homepage to the website’s icon. When users are not sure about how to go back to the homepage, they usually click on the website icon.

If you are a wordpress developer, you should also have a footer that exhibits all the relevant links on your website. Footers are easily noticeable on websites. It will be easy for users to access since it is one of the first things they see when they visit the website. You can create a lean navbar to increase your conversions. You can create navigation that makes it easy for people to navigate your website by streamlining your content. The number of items for navigation should be at most 7 so that they do not look crowded. Your items must also be organized in a hierarchy; they must flow with the behavior of the user. Although drop-down arrows may look appealing, avoid them since lots of users find drop downs annoying these days. If they need to click to see what is in the menu, they will simply not do it.

  1.    Use call-to-actions

Now that the visitor has landed on your website, how do you make them keep coming back to the website? They need to be guided on what to do. No one wants to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do. Your call to action can help them. Call to actions include terms like, read more, sign up for the course here, take this quiz now, and watch the video. If users realize that your website gives them the solutions they need when they visit, they will keep coming back. Unfortunately, call to actions can appear as spams if you overuse them. If users feel like you are forcing them with your call to action, it is not a good thing.

It is important that you keep the call to actions moderate and appealing. They should also not be intrusive or mar the user’s experience. Your call-to-action must meet the demands of your users. If they are the website for education on an issue, you call-to-action should not be leading them to more information.

  1.    Include social media share buttons and make them responsive

Social media is what keeps a lot of people online. When it comes to online marketing, social media is one of the best ways to reach more audience. It is important that you add share buttons to your website so that your website can get more engagement from social media. Even if your content is good and it does not get the necessary attention, it will not make the right impact. When you make it easy for the content on the website or blog to be shared, you are making easy for the content to reach other people.

You should at least add the share button for popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In an era where identity theft is rampant, you should also secure websites you develop. You will not want to develop a website that is will fall prey to identity scams or credit card frauds. It is also important to mention that no matter how long you have been in the field, you will need to learn more to be constantly relevant in the field. Work on open-source projects from popular places such as GitHub. You can contribute to an existing project or develop an iteration to one. These things help exposes you to codes developed by other people and it also helps you to understand your code better. You may also get a second opinion on certain things.

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