What is WordPress in web designing?

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What is WordPress in web designing


The main advantage of the WordPress is that it is free and moreover priceless. Initially WordPress came into use in the blog but later on it come into use as full content management with the help of thousands of plugins, widgets, and theme. WordPress is one of the most popular content management system and also a blogging platform. Moreover, you will get shocked by hearing this that 24% of the website use WordPress.

WordPress is not only the content management system and digital platform to create the WordPress website but there are many another platform as well like Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace but most companies use WordPress website due to many reasons.

The reasons for using WordPress for your website are:

1. Learning, Usage, and Update is easy

Learning WordPress is very extremely easy. One of the reasons for selecting the WordPress content management system for your website is that it is remarkably easy to update. The best usage of the WordPress is during the backend of B2B website as it is a very short learning curve, user-friendly and moreover it is very much easy to update.

One more benefit of WordPress content management system is that it is very much easy that anyone can use it and update the website as well. While using WordPress content management system, you don’t need to send or submit all the changes to the IT department or even to any WordPress developer as in this case you have to wait for the changes and make it prioritize. You can log into the website, then you can make the update, and due to this, the move will be immediate.

2. Many options

In WordPress, you have multiple options in the form of plugins, theme, and design. While you are creating your website of your own you might be having multiple requirements like you have to optimize your metadata on each page, increase the website speed, and load in spite of many caching tools, embed the form on several pages, and give secure way for the user to sign up for monthly newsletter.

Hence to solve your entire query and fulfill your requirements there are WordPress plugins, theme, and design that provide the ability to satisfy all your demands. There might be a possibility that your sales and marketing team needs several plugins, theme, and layout for the website hence WordPress has all the plugins, theme, and design that you can download and install on your WordPress website. These all three features of the WordPress gives an astonishing experience so that you can manage and update your WordPress website.

3. Support and Security

WordPress provides worldwide support and security to all the WordPress websites.

The WordPress is available for all the blog and website from past ten years due to various reasons which include popularity, a huge fan following and also it has a WordPress developer support community. As it has multiple numbers of WordPress developer and support community due to which they have made the various range of plugins, help sites, and made the form to discuss the issue and their solutions. As you have such a great resource that you will never be in the loss as it provides support, manage and helps to update the WordPress website.

Moreover, you don’t need to work about the security as WordPress is very secure system and due to which they give a general update to maintain the security of website and blogs. Every moment when there is a fresh update, then WordPress user get a notification for the same, and their updates are positively manageable.

4. Great for SEO

WordPress is built only for the people and the search engines so that they can use the keyword and rank first in Google.

As everyone knows that WordPress is a superb platform for all the people as it finally creates an excellent experience for all the users. Moreover, the add-on feature of WordPress is that it plays nicely with all the search engines. There are multiple coding and mark-up on the WordPress website due to which it follows best practice hence it creates an attraction for the search engine and become easy for the search engine people.

Moreover, there are many plugins, design, and theme that are available on the WordPress website so that it can manage SEO data which includes H1 titles, meta descriptions, and meta titles. Due to these several features, it allows very smooth access to optimize web pages, and it gives instant audits. WordPress is pretty much easy, and everyone can use it conveniently, provides the range of tools, options, broad support community which is very much easy to access, and help to control the overall search optimization.


WordPress is one of the great options for every tech and non-tech professionals as it presents a vast advantage and increases search optimization. As per the recent survey, WordPress is one of the most popular open-source WordPress content management systems, and 75 million websites use this platform. As there are thousands of the plugins, design, and theme, due to this it provides flexibility and simple interface so that it can reduce development cost and deployment time. WordPress is always the excellent and trusty content management systems in all the global market. It can be anything like simple business or the complex e-commerce store. WordPress website is very much necessary for both the sector as it has become an essential marketing tool so that it can help to expand many businesses. Moreover, WordPress is very cost-effective which require high skill WordPress developers. The WordPress has a very rich characteristic which can attract any user which include user-friendly workflow, plug-in architecture, and moreover advance templating system. The language which gets into use is PHP and also uses MySQL as a database. Hence WordPress can create a beautiful website or blog which can attract every user.

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