10 Useful Tips to Create the best Website Design

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A good website design is essential for a successful website. It should give an idea to the visitors that what services does a company offer and it should help them to navigate easily. To create a functional website you have to focus on certain elements like layout, bounce rate and optimization of a website.

Only the design and content of a website cannot make it successful. It should have a design that leads to a great user experience and better functionality of a site. Your website should have an effective communication with your target audience that what you do and how you can facilitate them.

Eye-Catching web designs improve the appearance of the website but more important is that how your design addresses the main concerns of your audience. Here are some useful tips that will help you to improve and create your website design.

Start from Planning:

Before start designing your website, you have to make sure that your site is fulfilling the visitor’s demands. You need to map out each and everything that what type of content and pages your audience wants. It will create a positive impact on your overall business and its services.

Planning is all about identifying those key areas that can enhance your web design. Research of your potential customer is also the essential part of planning. By collecting data through research you can form strategies that how you will satisfy your clients.

Discard Unnecessary Elements:

You should analyze that which elements are improving your website performance and which are slowing down its speed. Long content, complex animations, and a chunk of website images will convey your message efficiently to the audience.

People don’t usually stay too long on a website. You need to create an everlasting impression on your audience when they visit your site for the first time. Designers working in top website design firms create short sections of the content in which precise information is provided. Presence of needless things confuses your target audience and they never get a clear idea about your services.

Follow and Share Buttons:

It doesn’t really matter how great content you have on your site unless your users can’t share what you have. If your site doesn’t have social share buttons then you cannot get the social media traffic. Social share buttons allow users to share your blogs on different social media platforms which brings a lot of traffic.

Social sharing buttons are usually present at the bottom of blog posts. Follow and share buttons are really handy to improve your online brand presence on different platforms.

Use Relevant Images:

Images are one of the essential element that plays a key role in improving the site visibility. The most important thing is that how you use it. Not every image is a perfect fit for your site so you have to choose images wisely.

Any company a looking for web designer should hire a person who can create images by portraying the exact brand message. To evoke the trust of people in your company, use images that are closer to the reality. It will help you to bring more realism to your brand and will explain your services efficiently.

Importance of Navigation:

Navigation is essential for a website as it provides a clear direction to the users that what they can view. A user never visits a site having messed up navigation. By making navigation of the site better, visitors can easily find their desired material.

If your site will not offer the good user experience, your competitors will definitely surpass you. So you have to realize the importance of navigation in order to create the best web design.

Make a Proper Homepage:

Your homepage creates the first impression on a visitor and by including the 3-5 sections of relevant information in it, a seamless experience can be created for users. There are some crucial elements that you can include such as intro video, testimonials, case studies, and other relevant material.

White Space:

White space is a design element that is used to break up the page and to improve the readability of the content. It is referred to those areas that don’t have any content or visual items.

It plays a key role in the placement of web design components. If there is no white space in the page then you should remove the irrelevant elements after reviewing the page. A professional web design agency urges their designers to only keep the content that fulfills the purpose of the page.


A website should be optimized for different devices such as smartphones or tablets. Most of the internet users own smartphones so if your site is not optimized for different devices you’ll lose a lot of traffic.

You have to examine that how you would meet the demands of the users that want to access your site on a Smartphone. Make sure that the current status of your website allows users to perform everything easily on different gadgets.

Effective SEO Strategy:

Developing a good online presence is all about getting easily found on the internet which starts with effective SEO strategies. It involves the search terms that visitors use to find their desired services. The initial step is to create content including videos or blogs that match the needs of your users. You have to place proper keywords that your clients are actually looking for.


Testing is the most important phase of website development. It gives you an idea that either your site is working properly or it needs some changes. By assessing the conversion paths you’ll know that your pages are performing the way you wanted them to be.

Review all the pages because it may need some update in content or design. Changes in colors or headers could make a major difference to your site. If you don’t have any clue that how you should make changes in the site then use online tools to check what users are doing on your site.