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Cost of WordPress site and developer varies from project to project and the amount of time given to a developer or a team of developer to complete it. If you need a dynamic, E-commerce website designed on WordPress in less than 10 days, then definitely developer or a team of developer would have to work more and at a fast pace.
Rates charged by WordPress developers on Upwork, Fiver and some other Freelancing platforms vary from $30 to $100 an hour, with an average cost of a project around $200. They don’t always bill hourly and it can be common for WordPress developers to set a fixed price for a site, based on project requirements and what level of customization you need.

Here are some significant considerations before you hire a WordPress developer.

Developer expertise and experience

Experienced developers are tend to work faster while delivering more value to their clients with their work, so their pricing will often be higher than the ones in the market.
Geographic location and local market conditions also affect a developer’s rates. Another important factor is a WordPress developer’s reputation. If he/she is still building his/her portfolio, they may price more competitively than the ones who are more seasoned professionals. Who you need depends on your site’s complexity. Finding the right WordPress developer involves matching your goals for your site with their related experience.

The scope of the work

Quotes for your project reflects a critical point: The scope of work, or how much you actually want a WordPress developer to do. Whether you want a full-blown e-commerce store with thousands of databases and products integration or a simple marketing site with a custom contact form. The bigger the project is, the more will a freelancer charge. Building Websites can be cheaper if they are simple Websites/blog. But, if you want a professional E-commerce site with thousands of databases and products integration, then definitely developer will have to buy plugins, expensive theme and much more to satisfy you with his work. When a developer builds a Website on simple web development tools HTML, CSS and JavaScript he only charges for code and the time he is spending on the project. In those cases, we pay the developer for designing and making it functional. But in WordPress, a developer may charge little more if the project is big. Of course, he will have to buy plugins to make your website attractive and user-friendly.Some of the plugins are free and some of them are paid. In most of the cases, we have to pay for these plugins because those that are available for free are not as helping as the paid ones are. This increases the cost of a website. Before taking a project, developers or a team of developer keep all these expenses in mind and therefore in bigger projects, they are likely to charge between 200$-400$ or even in some extreme cases more than that. In a nutshell, the cost of a WordPress developer depends mostly on the scope of the work.

Time scale

In some cases, clients need a Website/blog urgently and in some cases, he is ready to give the developer a good time period of two to three week to complete the project. Just as in the real world, serviceman charge 30-40 percent higher for urgent service, than they do for normal, same is followed in the case of developers. If a project is to be delivered in a span of 8-10 days, then the developer is likely to charge higher than they do normally. Particularly if a project is a big one. Therefore, how much a developer is going to cost for a WordPress site depends a lot on the time scale, how much time a developer is given.

Market Rate

Yes, market rates have a lot to do with this. It varies from region to region. Maybe a developer from SouthAsia charges little less than the developer in Europe or in developed countries does. Indian, Pakistani and Bengali developers are known for creating WordPress websites at cheap rates. For instance, if a developer from the USA is quoting 100$ for an E-commerce website, developers from these three countries might quote less than 70$. So, market rates also matter when we sit to figure out how much a WordPress developer is going to cost us.


In some cases, customization is not required in a WordPress theme when then client only wants a simple Website and he is happy with the theme purchased. In this case, WordPress developer will not charge much because he would not have to do much except simple drag and drop. For small websites, the question of customization vs pre-built themes is a big one. As the site gets bigger and gets more complex, the developer is likely to charge more because he will have to give more time and effort to it.

In a nutshell, how much a WordPress developer is going to cost depends on the time scale, the scope of the project, whether the customization is required or not, and market rates. Before hiring a WordPress developer, these are the things that should be kept in mind to estimate the expenses accurately. If you do not do this paperwork before, you are likely to struggle in identifying your target site, your budget and in hiring a developer who is most appropriate and suitable for the job.

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