How to use WordPress to achieve your marketing goals

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Millions of websites run on WordPress all over the world. It is the most popular open-source content management system because different tasks can be performed easily by using it. Addition of new images, pages, and blog posts can be done quickly which saves a lot of time.

The benefit of using WordPress is that it doesn’t need any HTML software to upload image, videos or any type of content. Having a WordPress site means that you have full control over your site. You can make minor changes on your own to the site without depending on your web developer.

All above-mentioned things make WordPress the most powerful website builder. Other than all useful features, WordPress is a useful marketing tool but you must know how to utilize it properly.

According to research, a WordPress site gets more than 20 billion views per month and the figure never stops increasing. Plugins are one of the main reasons that WordPress is considered the best content management platform. There are numerous plugins available through which you can optimize your site convincingly.

You don’t have to be an expert to use a WordPress. By having a slight knowledge, you can create posts and organize the content. You can use your WordPress site to achieve your marketing goals and following tips will give you a better understanding that how you can do it.

Image Optimization

Website speed is the most important element in its search rankings. Presence of a large number of images can reduce the speed of your site. For example, if you own an e-commerce website then you’ll have images of various products and a large number of files will be stored on your server.

WordPress plugins provide you an opportunity through which you can reduce the file size. By improving the website speed your search ranking will also improve and then your services will become visible to your target audience. It will play a major role in the promotion of your services.

Build a Sitemap

A sitemap is the list of all pages that are present on your website. Search engines have to index blogs in order to rank a site and sitemap is essential for it. Although WordPress automatically generates the sitemap it’s not guaranteed that it is optimized. An expert WordPress developer creates an optimized sitemap that helps search engines to crawl your site easily.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links of a site are the biggest threat for the SEO of your site. When search engines like Google crawl your site, they also note down broken links. So it’s better to get rid of them as soon as possible. WordPress plugins like broken link checker can simplify the whole procedure for you. It automatically identifies every broken link and you don’t have to check every link manually.

Presence of such plugins in your dashboard helps you to save a time. Every time you create a new post, make sure to check a broken link through a WordPress plugin. In such a way you can fix the link before Google re-crawls your website.

Connect your site with Social Networking Platforms

In today’s digital world marketing goals cannot be achieved without utilizing social networking platforms. Best web design and development company generates huge traffic to the site by connecting it to different social media platforms. There are different plugins available that optimize the social sharing in WordPress effectively.

Popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have other bookmarking sites that you need to be active on. WordPress plays a key role to implement the social sharing buttons on every page so it can help you to generate the high traffic.

Posting links to blog posts can also play a key role to bring traffic to the site. You have to stay relevant while working to connect your site to different social media platforms and you can do it by following the latest trends.

To find out the latest trends, watch the latest news and do research about the recent issues that are discussed most on the social networking forums. Once you are done with a research, create a high-quality content related to those issues because it will generate a consistent traffic to your site.

Social media is simply loved by the search engines. By linking your site to social media platforms your visibility can have a massive improvement in search ranking. So that is why it is essential to share a content on different social media channels. WordPress plugins also give you an option to share a webpage automatically without copying its URL.

If you have long-term marketing goals then you need to hire WordPress developer, who can positively contribute to your cause in various ways. Addition of social share buttons on a site is the best way to share your content.

Trends Never Remains Same

Using WordPress to fulfill your marketing goals is a tough ask. All above-mentioned tips have been useful in the past and still are the most common practices used by the website developers and marketers. But the important thing to remember is that trends are continuously changing because new themes and plugins never stop appearing.

To stay ahead of the game, join different WordPress development forums to keep an eye on the latest trends and news. It will keep you updated about the latest themes and plugins. WordPress knowledge can strengthen your marketing potential and you could become able to achieve your marketing goals.


Proper knowledge of WordPress can help you to form effective marketing strategies. It includes the image optimization, effective SEO and proper sitemap which can be managed through a dashboard of WordPress.

It doesn’t really matter that how good content management software you use for your site. Unless you don’t have familiarization to its tools and major elements you cannot achieve success using it. So utilize right plugin at the right place and try to keep things simple so you can accomplish your business and marketing goals.