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A Web Design and
Development Company

Techzo LLC is based out of Chicago, IL. We serve over 180 clients from all across the U.S. by providing ongoing services and support, including web design, web development, logo creation, branding, social media marketing, and local SEO (search engine optimization). We let our work speak for itself; our clients have left us exceptional reviews on Google, Alignable, Yelp, Clutch, Linkedin, and Facebook.

The key to our success lies in realizing that every client is special. We carefully cater to their every requirement and, from there, craft the best possible solutions. Techzo’s team gives on-call support 6 days a week, as well as prompt replies to all correspondence via email and live chat.

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Who We Are

Our leadership’s amazing drive and persistent competitive attitude put Techzo in a prominent position within the web design and development industry. We are your one-stop shop for all digital business services, and hundreds of clients from all over the U.S. have trusted us to handle their online operations. Over the years, we haveworked our waythrough difficult milestones with confidence and delivered the results that our clients were looking for.

Techzo’s process requires us to continually refine our strategies in order to reach even greater milestones and produce the best results that our clients could hope for. This has allowed us to expand into new markets and service businesses around the world, including in Dubai, the Middle East, Canada, and Australia.

“We are hungry for new opportunities to deliver quality digital products that will help clients grow. Our goal is to launch 1 million websites by 2030” – Techzo Founder.

What We Do

The work we offer revolves around results, quality, and on-time project delivery—we love to meet deadlines. Techzo’s experts specialize in designing, developing, and optimizing websites. Our goals are creating beautifully designed websites and delivering profitable digital marketing results that lead to prominent online growth.

“By ensuring exceptional user experiences, our clients grew their revenues by up to 300% after we created their websites” – Techzo Founder.

How it works

Small changes that have a big impact…


Research Strategy & Discovery

Research is the key to a successful online operation. Before our team starts work on a project, we analyze the brand’s online presence and research industry trends.

A Design-first Approach

A high bounce rate is a nightmare for any business. The less time that users spend on a website, the lower the conversion rate becomes.

Custom Development Solutions

Whether you have a specific design in mind or would prefer to leave that part to us, our solutions will improve your brand’s performance.

Integrated Marketing

A comprehensive approach to online communication. After defining the platforms that will maximize your ROI, we deliver solutions that are applicable to each of them.


Techzo’s web designers and developers will work with you and determine your business goals. Afterwards, we choose the right tools and services that are suitable for your company’s specific needs and target market.
Web development refers to the structure of backend codes to ensure that your website’s features and plugins are all fully functional. Web design is the creation of the frontend appearance of your website that users will see. There are thousands of design themes that are suitable for all sorts of industries.
Contact us now for a FREE consultation to determine whether or not our offerings suit your business needs. Afterwards, we can move forward and make recommendations on how Techzo’s services can work for you.


Want to see a custom demo or get help finding the right plan? We’d love to chat.

    Why Choose Us for Your Website Design Project?

    Techzo will cover all your needs through our comprehensive web development services. Our Chicago-based web developer and WordPress designer will put in all the work needed to provide you with the superior results that your business deserves. It doesn’t end here, but our comprehensive services also include landing page creation, click funnels, Shopify integration, conversion optimization, and much more!

    You can always count on us for instant communications (without any delays) and on-time project delivery. Expect nothing short of industry-leading quality standards.

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