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A Top Rated Web Design Company in Chicago, IL.

Techzo provides its clients with exceptional WordPress development and logo design services! Through working with us, you can rest assured that our professionals will help you with every aspect of your business. One of the best web design companies in the U.S. and a leader amongst graphic design service providers will be at your service! We work six days a week and offer you oncall support, prompt email replies, and live chat features to access our professionals.

As a professional web design company, we specialize in providing you with superior results to help you expand your online presence and maximize your sales. As WordPress developers, we understand all the methods and techniques that will help your website perform at the best levels possible! In addition, your customers will be wowed by an exceptional user experience when they visit your website.

Our team specializes in working with clients in several industries and sectors, including real estate, information technology (IT), health care providers, finance, and education, just to name a few.

More importantly, how can we help you achieve your goals?

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Website Design

Since 2009, Techzo has been designing custom websites for over 180 clients nationwide. Our goal is to create a website that extends your brand’s operations and optimizes your conversions.


Logo Design

Give your brand a unique edge and distinguished elegance. Our logo designs are simple, yet incredibly meaningful and engaging!



Your pages will rank higher on search engine results, your business will acquire new customers, and your revenues will increase. Our SEO experts’ job is to ensure that!


Social Media

Techzo’s engaging content allows you to expand your reach, get more website visitors, maximize sales, and open the door for new opportunities!


Custom Web Development

Generate remarkable results and strengthen your online presence through customized, high-performing, and responsive web development services that utilize all the latest technology!


Digital Marketing

Our all-encompassing digital marketing services will allow you to better leverage your business offerings.


Mobile Apps

By doing the mobile app world, you will dramatically reach more audiences and successfully tap into an entirely new customer base!


App Development

Have a specific service of website functionality in mind? We will create an app that specifically suits your business needs!

Grow your brand through custom designs and proven marketing solutions.

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Services That We Offer

You can turn to our Chicago web development team and find everything that you need. Whether it’s custom logo designs, branding support, SEO services, or online marketing optimization, we got your back! On top of this, our experts will always utilize the most up-to-date methods and make sure that your website stands out!

Why Choose Us for Your Website Design Project?

Techzo will cover all your needs through our comprehensive web development services. Our Chicago-based web developer and WordPress designer will put in all the work needed to provide you with the superior results that your business deserves. It doesn’t end here, but our comprehensive services also include landing page creation, click funnels, Shopify integration, conversion optimization, and much more!

You can always count on us for instant communications (without any delays) and on-time project delivery. Expect nothing short of industry-leading quality standards.

As a Top Rated agency for 4 consecutive years (2015, ’16, ’17, and ’18), we always strive to keep this trend going by helping you with the following:

Custom designs and ongoing brand support.

A team of expert digital marketing professionals at your service.

Experienced developers that created websites for a wide variety of businesses, ranging from startups to long-established SMEs.

Custom design and support to scale your brand

Team of expert digital marketing professionals

Experience creating for a wide variety of businesses

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Make your experience outstanding with our passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic WordPress designer and developer – Arif Raza and take your web presence to thenext level. He is a professional WordPress Consultant.


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Chicago, IL

Who we are

A dedicated team of web developers and designers.

What we do

Create websites, design logos, and optimize conversions.


6 years ago, a passionate web developer with over a decade of experience founded Techzo LLC to help you achieve your goals!