7 Ways to Comeup with Great WordPress Plugin Ideas

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WordPress is becoming more dominant in the CMS market. It has more than thirty percent share in the top ten million active websites. It is used to communicate with most of its audience. It has many clients who have individual needs. To build various software plugins and add-ons, a developer requires a spectrum of versatile features. Acting upon input has been made easier and with proper skill set. It is challenging most people in coming up with an original idea of how the plugin is done, and it takes a little push for more inspiration.

Most companies and freelancers are trying to make a business model out of creating a plugin. If you are wondering on the techniques of how to make developers come up with a winning plugin idea, here we have come up with a list of various steps on how to vendor out and have a useful WordPress plugin ideas. These ideas are not groundbreaking but can get you to where you wish to be with the best WordPress plugins if only you are at the developer’s block stage.


It is the standard and mentioned method of getting plugin ideas. The best way of solving problems associated with day to day work routine is by finding out which plugin to develop. Assuming you want to create an extended menu yet, you cannot get any single plugin that is functioning as per your expectations. This action of trying to find something; however, there is no solution is found; this is one of the best motivators in creating a plugin that will perform this functionality. Problem-solving is one of the main methods you should use in developing your popular plugin.  This activity log monitors your logins and activities on the site. This plugin has been most downloaded with time.

Follow Industry Trends

You should think of the dominant industry that is currently experiencing an upward trend and try visiting the few top rated websites to get more inspirations. It is good to examine each website by trying to figure out what is happening with both the users and the publishers of the site. In case you can think of any way to provide a better user experience, it is good to start developing the idea. An idea that is put into implementation is better than the one that is not yet to be implemented.


It is always good to recycle ideas and materials, the most significant business entity do it all the time, no matter what industry they belong to. If you know of a particular plugin that is more used and widely exists on the market for a while, you can think of how to make it more efficient, lighter, appealing, or improved in any way, when the industry is moving forward, the website requirements changes. At the same time, old solutions need to be improved. If you look deep enough, it is hard to get started upon a fresh idea that will keep up the actual game.

A Free Version of a Top-Rated Premium Plugin

Premium plugins mostly provide an extended list of features. This extended list of features separates from the free plugin solutions. By building a free version of a plugin that offers all these features listed with a popular premium option can help you in building your reputation. You could work on the improvement of the code, which will make your concept appearing and not as a free option but also a better option.

Forums And Discussions

Various topics included in most online forums could send a clear signal of the most pressing issue that you can have an interest in. However, it is an excellent opportunity to find a partner that you can collaborate with if your project idea is much complex to a single person. WordPress Idea is an excellent place to start your search.

Technology Updates

There is a common occurrence of new updates in the latest technologies that influence WordPress. You should develop a relevant WordPress plugin with the trending new technology most people are talking of.


The best method of getting ideas is by following successful startups that are not necessarily related to WordPress. The plugins are allowed to come up if only they are bound to a startup or the WordPress related themes. Most people will want to copy the success of most startups by using an easy to install the plugin, which can eliminate the functionality of the startup. It is good to use similar websites that are more popular in startups.


Getting inspiration in the digital world may seem challenging. When the technology moves forward, the request for new software solutions comes up. There will always be a new idea waiting to be found, all that you need to do is look in the right place and try digging beneath the surface of most things to see what lies underneath where all great ideas hide. WordPress has been of help to most people in the current new technology.

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