How to Use SEO to Build Brand Awareness

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How to Use SEO to Build Brand Awareness

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You can build a brand by using many different strategies. It is highly recommended that you don’t focus on a single approach. Mixing more strategies is the best way to find the necessary balance and achieve good results. With that in mind, some strategies are better than others and should be a requirement. One good example is search engine optimization. Today we want to teach you how to use SEO to build brand awareness.

Why SEO is the best choice for building brand awareness

Before we talk about how to do it, let’s discuss why you should primarily use SEO to build brand awareness. Simply speaking, the goal of SEO is to make the user experience better. If you are ready to grow your business, this is a step you must take. Online presence is crucial for your company’s success, and SEO is the quickest way to draw more people to your brand.

Important elements of SEO

Since there are many elements to SEO, it is easy to get lost. Making SEO mistakes is easy if you don’t learn the basics the right way. We want to show you where to put all of your focus and energy. The most relevant SEO elements for brand building are:

  • keywords;
  • content marketing;
  • the audience;
  • local SEO;
  • link-building strategy;

These elements are a must, so we won’t rank them in any order. They are all equally important.

The importance of relevant keywords

Relevant short and longtail keywords and phrases are what puts your website on the first page of the search results. That’s how clients can find your website. An essential part of a buyer’s journey is to search for the best offers. If they have to jump to a 3rd or 4th page to find your website, you need to do an SEO audit and fix your keywords. The goal is the first page, and you should not satisfy with less.

Besides visibility, ranking on the first page of the internet has other benefits. That means you are a trustworthy business.

The keywords you should use are:

  • Navigational: these keywords lead customers to a specific page. For example, you could search the word “facebook” to get to the page instead of typing the URL;
  • Transactional: the best example would be “buy shoes”;
  • Informational: informal keywords are used to find information, for example, “best shoe brand in the world”;
  • Commercial: commercial keywords contain words that will make users take immediate action. For example, “shoes on discount” or “free shipping shoes”;

Besides these four types, it is also essential to focus on branded keywords (using the company’s name) and industry keywords.

Content marketing

The most important thing about content marketing is regularly publishing quality and relevant content. That’s what the users are looking for.

Content may come in many different forms. You can post informational articles, case studies, or educational content. More examples of quality content include publishing product reviews, answering customer questions, sharing e-books, and videos, doing webinars, presentations, podcasts, etc. The idea is to engage customers and offer them something valuable.

Targeting the right audience

Advertising to the wrong group of customers is the quickest way to lose money. Your core audience is the people interested in what you are offering. People often think that advertising to everyone is better. You access a larger group of people and hope to attract someone to buy your product.

When you do that, only people interested in your niche will approach you. The rest will not even notice your advertising ads. You will only lose money, energy, and time.

With that in mind, you need to define your targeted audience and build your brand around them. It’s only after knowing your audience that you can use SEO to build brand awareness.

Build local SEO before expanding

Have you ever heard the phrase “You got to be first in the hood before you can go to the main street”? This means that building your brand starts with your neighborhood. Local people should be your first and most loyal customers. Many business owners make a mistake by focusing on a large market, completely disregarding the customers right in front of their doorstep.

The best way to build local SEO is to focus on adding location to your keywords. Furthermore, you want to focus on collecting local reviews and building local credibility. Use Google My Business and Google Maps, and create company accounts for the local area. Furthermore, you can also use local directories to list your business to get more exposure.

Link building as the cherry on top

Backlinks are one of the top three factors responsible for increasing Google’s ranking. There are many backlink-building strategies at your disposal. You can exchange resources with other relevant businesses in your niche, do guest blogging, track broken links on other websites in the niche and offer yours in exchange, and much more.

Another essential part is to engage customers on social media and have them share your content on their profiles. Remember, every link counts!

Avoid the pitfalls of rebranding your business

In the end, let’s spend a couple of minutes talking about a different yet relevant subject. Whenever you make changes to your SEO, there is always a danger of losing some clients. If you are rebranding your business, this is quite a common thing if you are not careful. The idea is to keep all of your contacts in the process and not lose any of your customers.

The most important thing to do is to let the public know you are making changes. If you change the website, or the company address, all of your customers, business partners, and vendors must know that. Be proactive, and you won’t have any problems.

Use SEO to build brand awareness with ease

As we have mentioned at the beginning, there are many brand-building strategies. However, if you use SEO to build brand awareness, you will achieve the best results much faster. SEO is your doorway to scaling and growing your business, and it is the most crucial strategy you will ever use. Thus, dedicate as much time as necessary to this segment of your brand. And don’t ever think of it as time wasted – it’s everything but that.

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