The Difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

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Majority of businesses have gone digital where they easily connect with their customers who are both young and old.

It is the reason there exist digital marketing and social media marketing strategies which marketers use to sell and promote their products. However, there is a difference between digital marketing and social media marketing. It is important to note that social media is a digital marketing channel though there is a great difference in components in what makes the difference between these two marketing strategies.

Difference in Definition

The main difference between these two marketing strategies relies on their definition. Digital marketing is a term that is being used to create awareness of a brand or a product as a way of promoting online through the use of various digital channels.

Some of these channels that are being used include the Web, email marketing, social media, mobile markets, SEO, and Smartphone among many others. On the other hand, social media market is a form of internet marketing that was introduced a couple of years ago. Currently, several business owners are using social media marketing such as engaging potential customers on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Google+.

Difference in Regards to Reaching People

When it comes to digital marketing, the potential customers can be reached even when they are off-line on Facebook or Twitter. For instance, the marketer can still promote their product through an email which will be read by their customer when they come online. The other example is sending a text message or making a phone call to the client regarding a specific order which they had made.

On the other hand, when it comes to social media marketing, there is a limitation on the ways in which the customer can be reached. It means that social media marketing is limited to internet minus which no promotion of items or products can be conducted.

When you look at the case of presenting writing service online, social media marketing becomes essential. It is because this type of service is limited to the internet minus which the online writing cannot take place.

Every work that the writer is doing has to be presented to the customer online which will be checked after which a response is provided through the same means. Though digital marketing can be possible when presenting writing service online, it is limited in regards to the means.

Some means such as the use of Television cannot be appropriate in this case. On the other hand, social media is encouraged because of its association with a content strategy such as creating content and sending it to the writer. These are services which cannot be properly promoted through digital marketing strategies such as the use of billboards and Television which is common among business people.

Difference in Importance

When it comes to presenting writing service online, the best way in which awareness can be created is through social media. It is because the wider audience exists in social media making it important to promote this kind of service. It is easy to find individuals both old and young through social media to offer the writing services.

All that a person needs to do is join an existing group of individuals who offer writing services online and present their work. On the other hand, they can build followers; connect with the people in groups by sharing online contests for writing while at the same time engaging with the potential clients or customers. It is also easy to do promotion on social media when it comes to presenting writing services online.

All a person needs to do is paid for an advertisement through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Twitter accounts and their services will reach as many people as possible. Research has it that 52% of individuals who decided to use Facebook Ads for promoting their work or businesses managed to find good customers for a lasting relationship.

At the same time, the communication process is easy and simple on social media because the client can explain to them the tricks that they require for writing a specific project. It is also easy to keep them updated in regards to new information that is needed or should be added to the writing service being offered.

On the other hand, though digital marketing may not be of much importance, a client who wants to present a writing service online can choose to use a Smartphone to communicate with the writer through texts or phone call. Through this, they can both be updated regarding the work and the main requirements to complete the project.

Difference in Terms of Content

A typical digital marketing platform includes a search engine which comprises of content strategy and SEO. On the other hand, it can also comprise of Paid search advertisements such as those experienced in social media marketing platforms. The promotions which are conducted on social media have to be paid though there is no need for search engines use because the ads will be seen by potential customers who are targeted while they are online.

Difference in Target Audience

Presenting writing service online promotions when conducted through digital marketing will be targeted to a smaller number of individuals. It is because digital marketing is said to be Below-The Line strategy of marketing whereby it concentrates mainly on specific individuals. One’s loyalty has been developed it becomes easy to create an important presentation online with the client through digital marketing.

For instance, the client can decide to communicate with the person presenting the writing services through emails which are integrated to be part of digital marketing and is crucial for these kinds of services. On the other hand, the target audience on social media is large because of the level of interaction that takes place between the users. The person looking for someone to present their writing services online just needs to post a status update regarding their requirement and they will receive various responses from different people. It means that it is easy to lure people through social media marketing that digital marketing.

At the same time, digital marketing requires a plan whereby the client and the writer have to agree on when to be online to communicate through email or SEO. Social media provides some specialty in regards to communicating with the client making it most appropriate for performing an online presentation.

The level of the corporation between the clients and the person presenting writing online is also easier in social media marketing than in digital marketing strategy. It is because someone can be exposed to be a con person or the groups are informed that they do not deliver quality work thus lowering their levels of promotion to get good services from potential people.

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