WordPress Development Resources to Advance your Skills

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There could be a number of reasons as to why you are looking for resources to help you increase your WordPress development skills.

Maybe you want to build a WordPress website your client had desired and you realized you are not skilled enough. Maybe you have a great idea for a WordPress plugin, butaren’t sure how to build it and make sure it meets WordPress coding standards.

The following is a list of 6 best resources that will help you advance your WordPress development skills. These websites can help you polish your skills with betterment. You can always get the best learning from here.

Let’s see what are the things that you will be able to learn from the resources.

You’ll learn about:

.coding with HTML and CSS

.coding with JavaScript (Gutenberg is the primary WordPress editor)

.programming with PHP

.Developing WordPress plugins

.Developing WordPress themes

.Customizing the Gutenberg editor experience and building your own blocks

.Working with the WordPress REST-API

.Using the WordPress CLI

Best resources to advance your WordPress development skills

There are dozens to learn about WordPress, especially if you are a beginner. Before digging out into a list of advanced WordPress design and development skills, first have the basics down.

Start with these 6 online resources that will teach you all WordPress basics

You’ll learn about written tutorials, video courses, as well as articles to teach you about WordPress dashboard, how to use plugins and themes, basic web design concepts and more.

   1. WordPress Developer Handbook

WordPress.org website is a good resource for learning the in and outs of WordPress as well you’ll find themes and plug-in. In developer handbook you’ll discover what more you can do with the CMS.

WHO Is behind this resource?

WordPress coding standards.

The WordPress codebase.

Theme development.

Plug-in development.

Using the REST-API.

   2. WordPress Gutenberg Handbook

Gutenberg handbook developer covers the basics of the new WordPress editor, providing tips on how designers and developers can more with it-they as well need to know how to use JavaScript

Who is behind the resource?

You’ll learn how to:

Create custom blocks.

Change the editor or sidebar appearance.

Add new styles to the editor.

Customize the toolbar options.

Update the settings of your theme or plug-in to fit with Gutenberg.

   3. W3Schools

Free online tutorials on W3Schools have been recommended by likes of Jeremy brown. Tutorials are well written, well-structured and interactive. This will give you a chance to master your skill.

Who is behind this resource?

Norwegian software development and consulting company called Refines Data, built this resource back in 1998.

What you’ll learn.

HTML and CSS (including bootstrap)

JavaScript (including jQuery, JSON, Angular.js)

Server-side languages like PHP and Python.

XML standards.

   4. Envato Tuts+

It is an e-learning market place for web designers and developers. Its was built by Envato company. Its highly trusting website that people use to learn and make it a better use for website designer and WordPress Lovers. It’s one of the best highly recommended website for the users who are likely to learn WordPress in no time!

   5. Smashing Magazine

It has deep guides and actionable resources that will change the way you approach your work. it was founded by Vitaly Friedman in 2006.

   6. SitePoint

It is a free to access premium resource with a wide range of content for web developers and designers. it was founded by Mark Harbottle and mackiewicz in 1999.

These are just few of the best resources that you need to take a look, you will surely learn good and would be able to polish your skills. All the resources mentioned above were of the best resources that give the person basic to advance courses you can always choose the best that the one you are looking to go with!

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