What Marketing channel will be best for you in 2019?

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What Marketing channel will be best for you in 2019

Marketing channels are the medium through which your product and the services show up into the market. You might have your products and services, but that is going to be of no use unless you reach that product and the service before the eyes of the users. It is when the users will find it, chances of booking or selling of the items and services is the only possible. Now, the medium that enables you to show the product or service to the market is known as a marketing channel.

In the coming years, it has been seen that different marketing channels evolved ad; some of them have evolved with such potency that they have replaced the older medium thoroughly. Keeping a track on the same things, you might be showing interest to know the best of the channels that are going to fund priority, in the coming days. To give the proper answer to your query, here are the five top marketing channels that would surely rile the market in 2019.


This was the best among the marketing channels, a few decades ago and it is continuing its top position till date. The best part of these particular marketing channels is that there is no need for any expense from your side to make those happen. This marketing channel has to be availed free of cost. The only governing factor that drives put this task force is some tricks. Some tricky discounts and some delicate value-added service makes the most use of this channel.

You must be looking for an example of the same. So, take this hypothetical example – You have put your item in the store, and you declared a lucky draw with the issue. You kept no other prizes, but the only 1dt award and that is not anything feasible, like a car or a laptop or anything like that – you saved the prize as a meet or a dinner with some of the rarest celebrity and ‘you calculated at the back end and decided the serial number to make the prize, as such that it would replace your profit by a significant proportion. You will find soon that the word of your award spreads like a fire and your items’ sale hoops up like a rocket.


You can say this to be the next version of vocal announces. The only thing that has changed here is the style and the package. Now, this is not meant for those who are passing by the road, as these are not kept at the road-side, but they are delivered to the interested person like you only. The same vocal tone, the same promotional words, and the corresponding sales speech is flown but in a way which is much more sophisticated than the traditional announcements. Apple started the show, and now the show is on the air and the most prominent tools to most of the marketers.


Email marketing is going up and up since the last decade. There was a time when mail chimp was the only service provider to cast and customize the casting of your email promotions, but now the show is held at every junction of roads. It faced some serious threats though in the last years for the mal-use of it by the hackers and the scammers, but it revived again and is gaining high value for the detailed overview it can provide to the viewers, Insurance companies remained the pioneer in the case of using this tool in marketing their products, but now, the banks and even the local companies are using the same for their purpose.


This is the channel that transformed itself the most in the last decade. Facebook and Twitter are not anymore under the cover. Yes, they started their journey in the marketing segment and as marketing channel like an undercover cop, but now they are back with their uniform and are the most significant areas for selling your products and services. Some of the social media channels are even back with market places, and hence declaring that – enough hiding to meet the socials, we are back with our main motto.


You can refer the Search engines to be the best of the lizards. No-one ever thought that they are going to be such a significant marketing channel. Everyone studied hard with the keywords and keyword planners of Google and one sudden day; they find that Google stopped their entrances there and started selling the solutions to reserve the top counts in the search panel. You can remain the head company at the search engines – no issue, stay at the third or fourth, as the top three will be the one, who have paid us. The great lizard has beaten all the birds and took away its prey.

What Marketing channel will be best for you in 2019?
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