Gutenberg & WordPress how is the learning experience?

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Apart from being the most used website software providing lots of opportunities for bloggers and many businesses. WordPress has become very difficult to use, and many people are now trying to switch over and going back to the easy to use and friendly blogger. Once WordPress was very easy to use CMS and has been praised for a long time as it used to provide many opportunities for the people, not only that it’s installation time was only 5 mins but lots of other benefits too which was also used as their marketing slogan. But now many voices are being heard expressing their frustration resulting from the difficulty using WordPress.

There are some reinventions by WordPress installation service which have been difficult for many users like Gutenberg which is their new editor, currently available in the form of a plugin. This editor declares that it is the most more comfortable editor to use and for beginners, Gutenberg is very user-friendly, meanwhile making WordPress simpler to utilize and making it all ready to compete with Squarespace, Medium, Wix and so on.  Gutenberg has been discussed and taken as a controversial topic as it has hugely remolded the manner of the usage of WordPress nowadays. Gutenberg may replace the features like shortcodes or widgets that are being widely used on more than millions of sites of WordPress. This editor is hard for some users to use but also offers a manner to arrange and place content blocks by a single interface.

Co-founder of the WordPress software Matt Mullenweg who is also the CEO of Automatic has lately said that WordPress, right now, makes you learn multiple abstractions like widgets and shortcodes, even the material which prevails inside TinyMCE in the form of blocks nowadays.

The main issue is that people using WordPress are facing difficulties, and utilization of the things have become puzzling like short code and widgets on the WordPress sites that are hosted by themselves.  Gutenberg will forever reconstruct how the users of WordPress generate content which indirectly means the users are required to formulate their site and themselves for many changes that could happen. Gutenberg has placed the old classical editor who has been met with mixed reactions.

Gutenberg surely has changed the way of editing and the direction of creation of content inside of WordPress. Gutenberg has many new features like updated font size pickers and image overlays, and it also includes a new default theme. ‘Twenty Nineteen’ that is specially designed for Gutenberg which is for the first time WordPress has done that. “Phase 2 of the project” is the recent announcement made by Matt Mullenweg which is going to be the next step towards the implementation of Gutenberg covering every characteristic and feature of WordPress.

By Gutenberg, you will be able to edit, customize and alter the most beautiful details to make you feel just right when you’ll see your site through this visual editor.  Gutenberg lets you drag and drop the sections of design elements onto the post or page you are editing.


How do I create a new trial if I already have an account?

You can visit your Account Settings > Account Summary and click to Add New Store and use your account email and password you’ve already used when you created an Account on BigCommerce the first time.

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