5 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips

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Twitter is proving to be the most official social media platform available. We take what celebrities share on twitter to be more formal than what they feature on other social media networks.

For beginners, twitter will be a large market that you won’t maneuver with ease if you don’t get proper guidance. While other social media network will allow you to write as many words as you wish, twitter will confine you to use a few characters in what you share. It means that you need to be cautious and only use important words.

Again, a single tweet has only a lifespan of 18 minutes before the other 7000 tweets take place. So, you need to exhaust your 18 minutes to allow your tweets to reach targeted quarters. Other social media platforms like Facebook exposes your posts four times better than on twitter. However, that doesn’t mean that twitter is inferior. Here are five powerful twitter marketing tips that will improve your visibility;

1. Select the right handle with a suitable photo and a header image

While you can change your username from time to time, twitter will not permit you to change your handle. It’s essential to pick a twitter handle that conforms to your occupation. The name should be short and straightforward to make it easy for other users to mention you. Besides, a simple name makes it convenient to search for you.

A name without an image will be incomplete. People will want to know your appearance as they absorb your message. Always provide decent photos that demonstrate you are a professional. It will be a plus if you also have a header image.

2. Use the right words to optimize your bio to match the brand you sell

Twitter will allow you to make a powerful bio to explain to the audience whom you are. However, you’ll have to contend with the bio space that can only accommodate up to 160 characters. In the bio, disclose the name of your company and its location. Also, include your occupation and maybe, an achievement. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

3. Restrict your tweets to peak hours

It’s pointless making colossal tweets that don’t reach your targeted audience. As already mentioned, a tweet will only be viable for 18 minutes, and after that, its exposure will be reduced. For instance, if your brand is about sports, tweet mostly at the weekends to find a lot of engagement.

4. Hashtags are important but don’t overuse them

Various statistics indicate that a tweet with not more than two hashtags has twice chances than a tweet without the tag. However, a tweet with more than two hashtags will attract low engagements when compared tweets featuring a lower number of hashtags.

5. Include images and videos in your tweets

Tweets with images tend to attract more clicks than the ones without. Also, the tweets with photos stand better chances of being retweeted than those without. However, the pictures you use shouldn’t be any photo but an image or a video that matches the brand you promote.

There are other several powerful tips to improve your marketing on twitter, but the five in this article are very basic. Twitter is a platform with an endless opportunity when it comes to marketing, but it will mainly reward the creative lot. Strive to be in the same category.

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