WordPress Development Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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With the new technology WordPress has advanced it operations. WordPress is simply a content management system that originated as a blogging tool. It works best on Linux but also can work on windows servers. The WordPress uses a related database called the MYSQL that houses all your data like post, pages, options and setting. It also uses templates which is where the actual codes come in. WordPress helps in many ways one of them being in the development of real estates and property listing web areas. Due to the advancement of technology WordPress has gone a step ahead in 2020 and taken some changes as mentioned below:

Using WordPress for Ecommerce

Ecommerce is the sale of items online or by the website. Many websites offer items or services for sale on the website, whether it is an organization adding branded merchandise to a blogger selling an eBook. Having ecommerce capability is a growing necessity on your website and with woo commerce you can turn any WordPress website to an ecommerce site. Woo commerce marries wordpress’s search engine optimization features and ease with the payment gateways, inventory maintenance, and marketing features to help you run your business more effectively and improve customer services.

WordPress Used In the Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been used be different purposes on of them being cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin which particularly deals in with the financial sector. However, we can expect it to influence plugin development and content monetization for WordPress sites. It can be used is specific areas like to enhance security in the site and also to improve the speed of payment transactions for e commerce site. There is another platform that was launched with blockchain called Newspeak. The primary purpose of this product is to improve the reliability and security of publishing outlet. Additionally, there are other cryptocurrency themes and plugins that can be used. for example, to create a cryptocurrency website that can use a theme such as cryptic; As for blockchain plugins can be used as sites reviews to verify reviews.

Voice Search and Optimization in WordPress

Voice search is quickly gaining traction as a staple technology for both business and personal purposes. Siri and Alexa are voice activated search assistant and the have become common as well. According to research by the year 2020 about half of searches are expected to be voice activated ones. Moreover, one third of browsing sessions will happen without a screen at all. Voice search is also expected to influence and improve SEO. People tend to use more natural language when they are conducting their search rather than typing it. As voice search becomes more prevalent, it is likely that search engines will produce results that are more aligned with.

To get started with the voice search optimization, we need to consider trying voice plugin. For example, WP faster site search.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and virtual reality technology have made strides in giving businesses the ability to offer interactive experiences. IKEA Place app is one of the examples of how AR and VR can be used to create better experiences for customers. Secondly it is being able to virtually visit a location and take a tour without actually being there an example is when realtors can provide clients with 3D VCR tours on their websites. The WordPress can be able to authorize VR content with 360- degree images and videos. The new WordPress has also come up with new theme called the ozisti theme. The theme is one of the easiest way you can integrate AR functionality with the WordPress. The theme was specifically built for e-commerce but also can be used for a wider range of projects.

Progressive Web App

Lastly progressive web apps have provided an app as experienced to mobile users without actually requiring users to install anything. The work within mobile browsers, and function largely as native apps would. Among the many benefits are; increased security, faster loading times, more flexibility and better users experience among others. Progressive web apps have been around for a while. However, with more people relying on mobile devices, they are becoming more popular for WordPress applications.  WordPress can also be used plugin to turn a site into a progressive web app. An example is the super progressive web app. Once the installation of plugin is done, the user who visits the site form a mobile device can add it to their home screen and the page will be available offline.


In conclusion, WordPress is constantly adding new features and functionalities. I agree it is important to keep up with the latest changes and as the technology advances. However, to really enhance your offerings and better serve your clients, it helps to familiarize with the most anticipate trends in the word of technology.

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