6 Research-Backed Business Card Design Tips

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By maintaining long term relationships, securing your business and pushing your brand is done through unassuming and compacting the top-notch business card.  It is suitable for you to know or be assured that your company does all these without any trouble. Prospective customers, relevant audiences, and vendors should be able to act on the business whenever required. Below are some ideas to show you that the business card is not to be discarded or forgotten.

The Minimalist Business Card

It is one of the best; it overlooks on the ways which ensure business card recalling is by involving the minimum amount of information that is required. The way to get in touch with you is by getting vital information on the business card design. Your phone number, website, and email address do matter when it comes to the design of the business card. When there is less information, it means that less effort is needed to remember your card; this helps the business card look classy and professional.

Conceptual and Creative Design

It is wise to let your card to have some creativity to stand out the other cards. If your creativity is a professional one, it will be useful if you have it on the map. A design agency may be of help to you in case you need some assistance, and the agency will do what you request them to do; this is an expensive investment to make. The distinct concept on your card shows how you can portray creativity. With modern technology, you can have many implementations.

The vintage look

The stack of sleek, the retro business card has the assurance of capturing the eyes sight. It is advisable to have a vintage background that uses the modern age material, but few words are to be used in the old font style. It is good to make a card that will be pleasing to most of the audience. The company’s logo should match the themes and should be written clearly.

Luxurious and Royal

Here it would be best if you made your card so unique that no one should think of throwing away your ticket. Your audience should be able to keep the card so long as your company is running.  If your services and products are excellent, then this will work well in the elite. Some colors are much classic, and these colors are the royal colors.

Optical art and Texture

A hypnotic and enticing business card helps you to break the clutter and also helps you to be noticed like no other. When in a busy background, you have to arrest someone s attention so that you can communicate your message. The optic art business card may not suit all the brands.

Photographs and Headshots

If your card has your image, it is an excellent idea since most of your audience will get to know you better. To have a human face on the business card is more simple and easy to relate with and recall. To make this thing last for long, you have to use a variety of images, and even you can ask your people to make the business card more unique.

Functional and Interactive Business Card

To facilitate your connections, the business card will perform the original work by sharing your details. Most of the brands have come up to brainstorm on how to add more value to most customers before they can know the experience of the products and services.


It is good to have much knowledge on the best way to keep your business card known.

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