How to Become a WordPress Developer

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Become a WordPress development process first involves determining what knowledge you already have, and you need to learn. Then, you want to select an area or niche that best fits your goals and skills, and best practices into this area. Let’s jump right in!

Understand the main skill sets required

WordPress developer skills stack (including HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL) of visual representation.

Before you can learn how to be a WordPress developer to understand the various programming languages ​​platform it is very important.

Acclaimed philanthropist Charlie Munger once said: “Do you know what you are more useful than doing brilliant.” This maxim is fully applicable to the development of WordPress. This is crucial to identify pre-existing knowledge, you may be able to improve your development journey, and your lack of knowledge, one of the regions.

The most important thing any WordPress developers need to understand is the language of the platform. Let’s look at each, one by one:

HTML (HTML): this basic language powerful, easy to grasp. It contains markup codes (elements) specified how the various aspects of the page will be displayed. These elements may include the page title, headings, paragraphs of text, data tables, and so on. As a very basic example, the use of HTML code

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): Although the building blocks, including HTML pages, CSS is used to determine the look of elements. CSS control, such as font type and color, page layout, click stylistic effects and other aspects. For example, for some body text may also include HTML elements CSS code to specify the color of the text should be displayed (such as: {background color: dark green;}).

PHP (Personal Home Page): PHP is a little misleading acronym. Over the years, it is more appropriate to represent Hypertext Preprocessor (because it is applicable to all areas of the site, not just your home page). It can be used for a variety of functions, including file, access the database automatically generated, data encryption, and more. Fortunately, there are plenty of online guides to master PHP, learn how to be will come in handy when a WordPress developer.

MySQL’s (my sequel): Finally, MySQL is an open source relational database management system. In short, WordPress PHP using MySQL database to retrieve and store data. Important site management features, such as user roles, are in use WordPress MySQL possible. Therefore, developers should at least have a basic knowledge of its function.

You do not have to master all these languages. However, this is the best way to learn how to become a WordPress developer before, good at least a few. This will help you better yourself in the market, and more easily address customer expectations.

Once you have determined that you understand the basic knowledge required, you need to learn how to apply them to use WordPress platform to do this, you need to become a WordPress expert is not short (at least when it comes to the fundamentals).

You can learn to understand WordPress

The WP101 WordPress certainly welcome display of desktop and mobile devices on the screen.

Complete online courses (such as a WordPress101 provided) is a fast track your journey to become an effective way a WordPress expert.

Before you solve the problem of how to become a WordPress developer, you need to learn as much as possible about the platform itself. After all, the more you know, the more you, you can do it. The good news is, there are plenty available to take you from a complete novice to expert resources WordPress.

The first step you should take is to build a WordPress sandbox. This will enable you to quickly feel the dashboard, and a safe environment to play platform functionality. By using the sandbox, you can also provide online tutorials in many WordPress courses along with them.

While it may require a financial investment, completed the course WordPress will help you track your progress. Most WordPress course in the current well-structured information and beginner-friendly format, and can be easily referenced at a later point. The most typical examples include WordPress 101 (which also contains tutorials necessary plug-ins), WP apprentice, and WordPress introductory course Udemy.

Of course, learning resources not outlined WordPress would be complete without reference to the WordPress Codex – WordPress official wiki. This search terms to find a valuable resource for instructions and tutorials formal approval. It can also be a useful reference code or platform helps.

Finally, it’s smart to subscribe to a variety of WordPress blog and YouTube channel. These trends keep up with WordPress as a good way, and to explore how to more effectively use the platform. After you have acquired a solid foundation in the basics of WordPress, you’ll be in a better position to solve the problem of how to become a WordPress development.

Choose your focus on the development of the region variety of popular topics.

WordPress has many areas can be developed, such as plug-ins, themes or core platform itself.

WordPress is known is a broad, multi-functional, evolving CMS. This is the future of the development of good news, because it means that cater to the interests and skills of a broad array of entry points. Although strong technical knowledge is vital, niches and other themes and plug-in development there are also opportunities to be creative. Once you have completed a WordPress decided to learn how to be developed, you will want to focus on the platform by the three main components of launch.

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