Logo Design Trends 2020: A Blast of Colors and Shapes

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Logo design trends are often stable, and although they do not change too much, there are a few tricks here and there that you need to learn. The main reason why you need to learn about new trends is that you need to make your logo designs look modern and magnificent so that they can be attractive. Here is a look at the logo design trends that will make waves in 2020.

1. Animated Cartoon Logos

Cartoon logos need to be fun and cheerful so that they can win the hearts of many clients. For an optimistic look that attracts the eye of the customer at first glance, you should make animated cartoon logos. There are three styles you can use to accomplish this, namely:-using the outline cartoons style, the flat cartoon style, or the doodle cartoon style. The flat style is the easiest since it uses simple illustration styles, and if you find the other techniques challenging, you can try it out first.

2. Animated Black and White Logos

Black and white logos have been here for a long time, and they will continue to make waves in 2020. They are not only classy but also simple to make, and they also go with every design without distracting the viewer from understanding the intended message. You can also choose to create a one-color design and one that is black and white for the same logo and compare so that you can see just how much a black and white logo is effective as compared to the colored ones.

3. Creative Letter Logos

Some logos often have a hidden meaning in the design. The designer often portrays important elements of a particular brand using hidden letters by using a different technique. Some of the techniques used are the negative space technique and symbol, which involves replacing specific parts of a message with some intriguing features. This makes the logo “speak” to the viewers while also making it look simple and magnificent.

4. Simple Geometric Shape Logos

This trend also referred to as minimalism, involves the design of logos using basic geometric shapes. This technique is one of the most common techniques used by logo designers and helps the design become more memorable. Designers also incorporate a color code or color scheme to make the logo unique to a particular brand. There are different shapes that a designer can include in the logo, such as squares, line-based logos, curves, or rounded and circular logos.

5. Gradient Logos

Gradient logos will become trending features of graphic design since they incorporate more than one color. They allow the designer to add complex visuals to a simple design to make it more attractive. There are two ways for putting gradient logos, namely the multicolor gradient and the analogous gradient method. The analogous gradient, however, requires a limited color scheme, and some designers even stick with one color for simplicity purposes. The multicolor gradient requires one to combine bright and vivid colors to create magnificent palettes. Multiple colors create futuristic designs that are easy to the eye.

6. Retro Style Designs

The retro effect will become an important logo trend design in 2020. Although it is mainly a feature of graphic designs, it can also be incorporated in logo designs. There are numerous ways that retro style designs can be created. Some designers use worn-out paper, and others use a grunge effect. You can choose to draw a retro pattern or simple color schemes. The retro effect has not been effective until recently, but the modernization of such designs has been here for a while.

7. Engraved Logos

The use of metallic logos, such as the use of gold and silver, shows that the designer is sophisticated and creates high-class logos. This year, the metallic effect may become a common trend for crating logotypes and logo marks. It is noteworthy that the use of engraved metal is a skill that you need to first perfect before trying it out on common brands. The combination of metals to engrave on a physical type of a logo either on a business card and other marketing materials bring the feeling of exclusivity. Being that many people like custom tailoring, the use of engraving with be a key feature of logo designs.

8. Custom Fonts

The custom font will be another trend that will impact on logo design and something that graphic designers should look forward to using when making logo designs. They have always been a top priority for designers and brands, and you can be sure to see them used in 2020. They are used to portray an ord itself so that the customer or viewer can decipher the meaning. Custom fonts are clean designs that go to show the abilities of the designer and so you should expect to see it in many brands.

9. 3D and Isometric Logos

The isometric logo can be used to create innovative designs, and together with logos imitating a 3D effect, they will be common in 2020. 3D logos depict an image or object on a 2D surface. The main benefit of isometric and 3D design logos is that they create depth, ensuring that your design is beautiful. They can also be combined with other styles, such as a multicolor gradient, to bring the effect of bright colors. So you can be sure that you will come across isometric and 3D designs logos during the year.

10. Semi-transparent Shapes on the Logo

This is a modern technique, and we can confidently say that it will make waves in 2020. Using a semi-transparent element brings a unique look so that the logo looks fresh and modern. Brands are using semi-transparent shapes in the logo since they look attractive, and this feature is not going away any time soon. The main benefit of making these logos is that they are not only beautiful but are also simple to design.

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