Facebook Messenger Marketing – 4 Strategies You Have to Try

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Facebook Messenger has recently become a widely used marketing tactic by major marketing companies. Why? Facebook Messenger has some incredible features that can be used by any kind of business owner to get their products recognized and sold worldwide.

Here are some amazing features of Facebook Messenger that can be utilized to market your business on-the-line.

Chat Blasting

Chat blasting features allow you to send a Messenger chat to everyone on your list. It’s pretty much like email blasting but a lot better with about 70-80% open rate in sixty minutes!

If you compare the number with email marketing, the open rate does not get above 5%. Hence, this feature of Facebook Messenger is a must-to-use to get your products featured in the audience from all around the globe.

To get this feature, you have to apply for subscription messaging on Facebook. Facebook will review your application for about a week and then you are good to go.

A restriction that Facebook imposes on its customers is that you cannot send promotional content to your audience via Facebook Messenger.

Whoever receives your blast must opt-in first to get the conversation going. Just delightfully convince them to get the job done.

Messenger button on Facebook Ads

This feature puts a “Send Message” button on the ads that are promoted by you in the user’s news feed. Instead of opening the business page, if the user is interested in your offer, they will directly initiate a Messenger chat session to get further details regarding the offer.

These kinds of ads are relatively cheap when compared to regular Facebook ads. Whenever someone decides to get to your Messenger chat, the Facebook chatbot takes over.

These kinds of interactions are more intriguing than the offer on your Facebook business page. You can also set the bot up so that the user can choose to talk to a real person at any time.

Messenger ads have extremely high potential in the marketing business that cannot be underestimated. They’re cheap, fast, and highly convincing.

Chat Widget

Chat Widget is simply a button on your business website that allows your customers to chat with you on Messenger.

Using this feature on your website can increase your leads by up to 40%. This kind of live chat feature does not require you to be available 24/7 like the conventional live chat system. A Facebook chatbot can handle any customer at any time with a relatively quick response than a human. This widget also adds the person in your Messenger chat list which makes it a permanent lead.

Comment Guard

Comment guard is a bot that can be set up on organic Facebook posts whose duty is to automatically send a Facebook message from you to the person who comments on that particular post. It can be called Facebook post-auto-responder.

Once the person replies to the message sent from your side, they become a permanent lead and all of their information can be used by you to send them messages. The only goal that should be kept in mind using comment guard is engagement.

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