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This is done in different round ups that include great design tutorials for sharpening Photoshop and Illustrator skills and great articles inclusive of a great guide to web typography, and some new feature available in Google analysis.


Creating a Geometric Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

This is the best and the most interesting thing to create in adobe illustrator since there are samples of results that can be absolutely achieved by just changing the parameters, colours and shapes used every time.

It also shows a series of techniques that can be used to make a vector geometric pattern.

Speed Lines Type Effect in Adobe Illustrator

To create a custom type effect using Illustrator’s various shape building tools, speed lines are added since their movement is faster.

Creating a Gorgeous Metallic Text Effect – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Alongside 3D effects, gradients, and a patterned background just within an hour it creates something incredible.


Creating a deep-sea feel using Photoshop blending modes

Using Photoshop’s blending modes lies is in the conceptual ideas that has been brought to their use.

How to Create a Disc Cover in Adobe Photoshop

This kind of tutorial shows how to disc cover design in Adobe Photoshop.

Creating a Trendy Marble and Rose Gold Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

This also shows how to create a disc cover design in Adobe Photoshop.

How to Create a Colorful Explosion Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

This is also another type of tutorial that shows how to create a disc cover design in Adobe Photoshop.

Web and Design Articles

In this case, the form of words, sentences, and texts of understandable information when put together, make up the content that any site visitors see, read, and get to enjoy.

Designing Perfect Slider

In this case, the Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains the challenges and outlines five solutions that can help start ranking for those high-value comparative terms.

A Friendly Introduction to Flexbox for Beginners

It is the updated version of an article published on 4th February 2013.  These updates includes rewriting several paragraphs and sections to new developments in browser support for flexbox and in CSS with the advent of Grid Layout, creating live demonstrations on CodePen, modifying code snippets, title change, adding a featured image, and a few grammatical changes.

Ask a question, get an answer in Google Analytics

How about getting answers about  key business metrics was as easy as asking a question in International language, English? What if you could simply say, “How many new users did we have from organic search on mobile last week?” ― and get an answer right away?

How To Steal Design Ideas (And Not Feel Like A Schmuck)

Do not steal. It is written in the Bible because it is wrong and sin too, it’s of no surprise to all of us. We taught that when we were growing up by our parents, Sunday school teacher. No stealing. It’s lack of good virtue.

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