What is in store for WordPress for the rest of 2020?

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It is useful to note that the complete roadmap looks feasible. The development team has tried their best to keep things working, but it’s good that they can achieve their goals quickly. Today WordPress 5.5 is supposed to start working by early August 2020. This shows that there are significant changes that are coming with e upgraded WordPress.

The only request I can have for the people who hate change is that upgrading is not changing everything by its just the significant issues that are being addressed. The changes have to be there, so the users of WordPress have to embrace the changes. Now we have to wait and see where the WordPress ship is sailing to.

Automatic updates for everything

Sincere version 3.7 was launched; we users have been enjoying the automatic updates for the minor version. The update is felt like there is an auto-update that has been installed. For smart TVs to mobile phones, the leading end-user is customized to the software by staying updated at all times. When there is an update, it means that website security is maintained; this is seen when WordPress continues to press on or continues pushing forward.

You should be able to note that there two separate changes the come up with automatic updates. The plugin features have been undergoing some developments for the last few months; this should be stable enough for the next version to be launched. Themes and plugin developers need to adopt the development strategy, which aligns easily with the WordPress philosophy. The backward compatibility is well maintained. The automatic update should not break the user’s site.

Block directory integration

The first block directory in Gutenberg 6.5 was the experimental feature. You should be able to note that running a plugin is not part of WordPress. For the block directory, it was the listing of the individual plugin, which was able to add a single block. User’s using WordPress 5.5 should be able to search and install any neighborhood in any directory in the post editing screen. If you need a block not fit, you will have to find one and connect it before you start using it. This will help you to prevent undergoing the standard way of establishing a plugin.

Full-site editing

It may not be suitable for you to rush the features which may not be ready. It is good that you have to keep a successful transition on the way themes work; this gives a better room for the users to interact with their site. This will be the most significant change in the way WordPress will work for the introduction of the block editor. The current plan is to complete the feature of full-site editing in the Gutenberg plugin before launching WordPress 5.5.

Block areas (widgets)

Everyone will be in order if all the blocks are updated and worked as required. The development of the block area has been under progress, and the developers have tried to keep it in a way that will fit any user.

Global styles

It is set to ship out with the WordPress 5.6. It will allow the theme authors to create some default value. The only thing that may not be fine with this feature is that it may go overbroad with options that end users may have no concern themselves with.

Other notable features

Within WordPress, many other features are notable and need some updates. These features are of more help when it comes to user usage.


With the new updates in WordPress, it is good that they are of more help since there are upgrades that have better features. It is good to be patient with the developers so that they can do their part.

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