How to Create a Timeless Logo?

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It is good to look for a color or font that will perfectly fit your logo; this will help in [promoting your brand image. All this will help you to have a logo that will withstand the test of time. Below are the tips of creating timeless logos.

Why you should create a timeless logo

It is good to take the time to create a timeless logo for the starters. Timeless is one of the features to show that a logo is excellent. A good logo means that you do not have to redesign the logo every year; this will help you to have an image that will allow you to be known and recognized easily. It is not good to draw all the inspiration in case of the latest trends when designing your logo. Trends currently age easily. it is better to have simplicities and classic touches if you are using the same logo for many years. Getting credibility is an advantage of the timeless logo. People are likely to trust you in case your logo reflects on the experience in your company.

Tips for creating a timeless logo

It is good to have a logo that looks like you. Your logo should not represent any product or service of another company. The logo should be able to represent only your products and services. A logo is there to help you get known with your products and services. The Apple logo has been modernized; the company has kept it more straightforward and has maintained to be known worldwide. A logo is not meant to stick at all times; sometimes; it has to be modernized to make it look attractive and straightforward. The logo should be adaptable, and the brand image on it should be timeless. It is good to modify your logo and make it recognizable to the elements within the business; this will help you create a common thread in the different versions of your logo.

Creating a coat of arms logo is a good idea since it helps you in creating great attention to your company’s experience and age. By mentioning a year in your logo, it shows how serious you are in your work. Making a real-time logo, you should be able to help most of your audience get more understanding on your logo. Your logo should be able to sell itself.

The logo that has been used for more than 100 years

Here we are going to have a closer look at three logos that have been used for a hundred years and above.

Stella Artois

This is one of the oldest logos that is still being used today. Names have been changed, but the logo was not changed. This shows that there is more power in keeping the logo unique since it talks more about its brand.

Hudson’s bay company

This is a company in Canada that has used its logo since the seventeenth century. The company’s logo is a coat of arms logo that represents the wildlife of Nordic country-deer. Within the logo, many brand images are the main elements.


This logo was founded in the early eighteen century. The logo has undergone modifications to make it look appealing to the audience’s eyes. The writing on the logo is uniquely written.


When you want to come up with a logo, you have to look at the latest trends to get inspiration or ideas. You have to have a long term version of your logo. A logo should be simple and elegant at all times.

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