Typography Tips – How to Choose the Right Fonts and Colors for Your Email

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The design of the words or, to be precise,“typography,” in an email affects the decision making of its recipients. This has been proven in various research studies.

Since the effective use of typography is so important in emails and email marketing, you need to know how to choose the right fonts and colors for an email. Here are some awesome typography tips to not only make your email stand out but also evoke the desired action from recipients:

Your email needs to have a personality of its own. Each and every element you want to include in your email—your logo, tagline, copy, social sharing buttons, etc.—needs to be aligned with a central brand personality. This will determine the vibe you want your email to give out.

Once you decide on this, you can move to the next step: deciding on the typography of your email. Typography includes the font, style, arrangement, and appearance of words.

Choose Your Anchor Font

There may be many kinds of content in your email, such as headings, sub-headings, body, CTAs, etc. First, select the font for the body copy of your email. And then, based on that choice, select the font for other segments like headings and sub-headings. You can select the fonts from the following 4 categories: serif, sans-serif,script, and decorative.

Email-safe vs. Custom Fonts:

While you choose the font for your email copy, it is worth understanding that not all fonts you wish to use in your email will be visible as they are to your subscribers. Email clients, while rendering your email, may change the way the font appears.

Find Colors That Suit Your Brand:

In your email, only use colors that match your brand and limit color usage to three colors at most. Usually, darker text on a lighter background works best for any type of email. When it comes to headings, bold colors create the desired impact. When choosing colors for your email, make sure that you get the color combination right. /span>

Keep Your Email Legible:

There is no point in sending an email if people have to strain their eyes to read it. Make sure that you select typography with letters that are easily decipherable. The moment it becomes difficult for subscribers to read your email, you have lost their attention.

Tips to Make Your Email Legible and Effective:

  1. Avoid using more than 2 fonts.
  2. Use complementary fonts.
  3. Keep it big, but avoid all caps.


When it comes to typography in emails, adequate spacing between letters helps your readers move smoothly through sentences. Lack of adequate spacing strains the eyes of the readers and ultimately makes them abandon your email without taking the desired action.

Wrapping Up:

Packaging your email with the right typography is extremely important, as it not only impacts the look of the content but also the way people respond to your email. If you are successful in evoking the desired emotions and response, your marketing efforts will definitely be rewarded!

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