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It feels really nice to have an advisor for a better judgment leading to a satisfactorily profitable outcome, isn’t it? Which is why, almost every single employee or career aspirant pays a visit to several consultancy firms, burning a hole in their savings and gets zero benefits in return. But we, at Techzo team are nowhere to return your faith on consultancy service and to ensure that you get flourishing results from our counselling sessions as well. And not only have we provided advice on an individual basis, but also to various corporations and industries. So let us begin the journey of unravelling your prosperous future, together.

What makes Techzo consulting stand apart from the consulting crowd?

Having several years of experience gathered through the corporate world of globalization, we have witnessed numerous instances when several meritorious professionals had thought they could handle every incident of their life all by themselves and collapsed disastrously. This persona of overconfidence on one’s own abilities is quite common. It is why it becomes more important to refer to a consultant prior to making any important decision, because often our mistakes are overlooked by ourselves, but identified by others. Unfortunately, several organizations misuse this dependency over counsellors and exploit their client by invoking fear of failure.

But unlike the fraudulent consultants with fake promises, Techzo is not here for extortion of our client’s financial savings. We are here to analyse your problems through our own eyes, understand your troubles by our own perspective and use a wide array of approaches and testing before concluding the finalized solution. With the skillset and knowledge provided by our consultants and guides, Techzo has the capability to guide and navigate the corporate growth as well, through its industrial services to companies.

Our commitment lies in providing worthiness to your faith in us

We views our client and advisor relation as a two way profit mechanism: While we consider your difficulties as our own and do our level best to get you out of you troubles, on the other hand, the trust you have shown by approaching us, by investing in us and by bearing the patience for our conclusion, we feel honour on serving you as well. Because the expansion of any corporation depends on the feedback from its clients: Hence by consulting and guiding our clients, it is us, the Techzo organization who is getting the benefit of experience, success and gaining the trust of our clients. We analyse your troubles deeply, seeking its root.

This is why the entire consulting session shall be long and intense, unlike the one time sessions conducted by inexperienced amateurs. We honour the faith you place on us, and we pledge our commitment to your service. It is why a portion of our remuneration amount shall be refunded to you if we are unable to provide a solution to your problems. Also, Techzo does not invoke its advisory charges at the beginning, the client can pay it on instalment basis as well, and depending on the economic stability of our client, a number of instalments can be made flexible as well(Greater the number, lesser the price to pay per instalment). The same payment schedule is applicable for small scale industries as well. Due to the cost convenience, Techzo consultancy has gained praises from several corporations worldwide.

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