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Technology is becoming more significant in music production. All the types of music recorded to be shared have to be produced first. Than hear.

If you are a band and you intend to produce your song or if you are an artist who wants to create a music video, there are numerous applications that you will need to work on to see the results. Technology will assist you to make the best sounds and include special effects for the minimalist beat; you have to use a variety of software programmes. The silence between the beat which contrasts against the intense sounds of the track creates palpable hits that make people feel more.

Side chaining is one of the methods initiated recently by the new technology. It is a technique that specializes in the production and started in Europe then spread to Australia, India and the United States. It involves silencing all the harmonies that synthesize every time the kick drum begins. This is widely known as the breathing effect, and it has been used extensively by some artists in the last few years.

Pitch shifting program also impacts on how the music sounds are produced. The sound that you start with on the stage has to be different than the sound that will be used as you finish the performance. All this is achieved by applying technology when making these musical instruments and also when using them. However, some people claim that it has destroyed music while others say it has positively impacted music.

The technology level used by deejays in the current world is considered to be the highest because they take a particular sound the re-engineer and remix it in many sounds to create an appealing outcome that the crowd enjoys.

The Role Of Computer Technology In Musicology

Computers had played a significant role since 1951 when the first music recording was done and launched. It involved the use of SID sound chip that made the music creation more accessible. In the following year, there was the invention of musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) that allowed the computers intellectual music instruments to easily communicate with each other.

Music has never been the same after incorporating the latest technological discoveries and development. It has undergone an evolutionary process since the old times of using cross holes and old pipes to the most recent wind instruments and pianos. This has been made possible by the contemporary computing device that causes ultimate music instruments that have a manipulating power to the audience. Egypt, Greece, and Babylon are the masterminds behind the algorithmic programming and procedures used currently.

Production of good quality sound, inexpensive and available synthesizers and processors have closed the gap between the ancient computer music and the current computer generated music hence allowing natural reproduction and coding and musical data exchange.

Use Of Computers In Creating Music

   1. Composing

In the ancient times, music composers took a long time in producing the music. They had to write down individual notes that needed patience and time. However, in the current world, computers advancement has made it very easy to compose music. Instead of hiring people to play your written music, the computer can do it for you hence saving money and time. There is a variety of computer software that can be used when composing the music. For example, Sibelius, muse score, finale.

   2. Recording

The computers allow you to record your voice to have your sound track. Using a computer to record music gives you the opportunity to play the road back and buffer the view to make the pitch higher, deeper or smoother. The following recording software systems can be used:

   3. Mixing and mastering

These two are identical to each other. Blend allows you to add unique features to the music thus modifying it. Some of the effects used when mixing include echo, distortion and reverberation.

   4. Live Backing

This art is used by many live performers to play a specific melody repeatedly or to any extra beat that musicians are unable to perform on stage.

Several cases offer lessons about the technology used in music production. Joining these courses improves your skill of the music production methods so that you can not only produce your music but also produce for other people. What is done to the raw music when sharing online is not the same way it would have been done when using the old albums. You, therefore, need to understand how technology impacts the created music so that you can make the necessary improvements to get the desired sounds without impressing and following today’s technology, you will still be behind time, and you won’t be in a position to produce sounds that are needed in the today’s music industry.

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