Some essential reasons why WordPress is a Best choice for your website

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Why bother switching to WordPress? Need an aesthetic website but choose WordPress? If these questions are hovering your mind right now, then read the article below to get answers for all your questions. We will share some major reasons why WordPress is the best choice for you. This article will give you an insight about how you can build different and creative websites for your content with WordPress, you will also get to know about popular sites that are working through WordPress.

Note: also known as self-hosted WordPress is different from which is a hosting service. In this article we are featuring Please do not mingle the two for details, see our comparison of vs

You must have heard this common misconception about WordPress like many others that it is only good enough for blogging or it is just a blogging platform. Let me pop this misconception.

This is not the case.

WordPress did commence as a blogging platform but over the span of time it has progressed into an impressive website builder and a robust content management system (CMS).

WordPress in comparison to other website builder platforms is flexible and easy to use which makes it unique. You can use it to create aesthetically novel different types of websites and it takes very less of your effort. That is the main reason which earned WordPress its popularity. A survey suggest, WordPress dominates 32.3% of all the websites you find on internet. Time Magazine, Facebook, Sony, Target, Disney, and many other top brands prefer to use WordPress due to its vigorous and durable features.

Now let us dive into why WordPress is best suited platform to make your website.

Roam Freely on WordPress:

Best part about WordPress—it is a free software. It means it allows you to download, install, utilize, and diversify it according to your needs. You can create amazing websites and of any kind. To learn about why it is free, see our article about why is WordPress free?

While the WordPress software is free to use, it will be essential for you to have a domain name and web hosting to install it.

A domain name or host name is the link of your website on the web browser. This is what your audience type or put in their browser’s address bar to reach your website (for example,

Web hosting is your website’s house it helps you to store all your website files.

If you want to use our recommendations we suggest using Bluehost. It is one of the enormous hosting companies and is also recommended by WordPress itself. Also who doesn’t like a discount? Bluehost also offers a 60% discount on hosting and a free domain name. You can kickstart your website in just $2.75 per month.

For more hosting recommendations see our most liked picks of the best WordPress hosting providers.

Still hesitant about starting your WordPress site, we have got your back. Our creative yet experienced staff members are happy to help you get started. To save your efforts and time we offer a free WordPress blog setup service.

You can also create it yourself by following our step by step guide on how to install WordPress.

Having issues with WordPress? Simply type your enquiry in Google and add WPbeginner at the end of your question. You will likely find the answer on our website.

WordPress helps you build aesthetic websites with its themes and plugins:

A large chunk of people using WordPress are not professionals instead are youngsters thriving to their way of success. Interesting fact, many of them had no prior experience or even mere idea about how to use WordPress or build a website.

What makes WordPress so common among unexperienced people is the fact that WordPress helps you turn your dream into reality by providing you all the guidelines you need for creating a novel website. There are thousands of free to use templates and design made according to the best suit for different types of websites. Want it funky or basic, WordPress has it all.

The foremost option present in WordPress is that you can even customize the themes according to your needs. Change colors, put up a logo, want a different background, it truly allows you to play around and create a site that you will be proud of without even writing any codes, now how fun is that?

Plugins can be very essential for your website and WordPress understands that. It provides you with vast variety of plugins just like themes so that you can add modified and beautiful features like contact forms or analytics that too by paying no cost at all.

If you are facing any difficulty in using plugins see our article on what are WordPress plugins and how do they work.

Plugins do not only provide you with extra features or security. You can transmute or give your website an entirely different shape using them. Have a glance at our efficient pick of essential WordPress plugins for every website.

SEO Friendly keeps WordPress lively

WordPress uses high-quality code with proper keyword analysis and produces semiotic markup. In simpler terms, this makes Google and other browsers to recognize websites from WordPress instantly. This is the reason sites from WordPress are shown on the first page of each browser.

Even by its aesthetics WordPress is very SEO friendly. It helps your website to reach the targeted audience easily. You can professionally optimize your website by using SEO plugins from WordPress. For a proper ultimate guide, see WordPress SEO guide to properly optimize your website.

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