Top 10 Most Talked About Best Sports Logos Of All Time

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Logo is one of the key visuals that sports marketers use to promote a sports team or business. Most sports agencies, teams and companies require professional and unique sports logos. With a memorable logo, they can hope to achieve their marketing goals. Some of the most popular sport companies around the world use logos to convey courageousness, motivation, and passion for games and sports.

New York Yankees Team Logo

It is one of the most recognized sports symbol. This sports logo appeared first in the year 1909. The designer created the letters N and Y in an aesthetic fashion, which gave a unique identity to the logo.

Charlotte Hornets Logo

This logo is known for its blue, purple, and white color scheme and its animated bee’s symbol.A majority of designers across the globe believe it to be a design that connects well with the fans of the team.

Cleveland Browns’ Logo

Though Cleveland Brown does not have an official logo, the one image that has long been associated with it is the ‘team’s helmet’. This image has become unofficial logo of the team. The team’s orange helmet has long been the talking point across the sporting fraternity worldwide.

Brooklyn Nets Logo

Dubbed as a simple, cool and culture-defining icon, Brooklyn Nets logo is also deemed dull and boring by many. However, the team’s marketing team says that it is a great logo and it best describes the identity of the Brooklyn’s favorite team.The logo is entirely in black, which is the color of dominance. The logo has a sports elements of a basketball and a trophy.

Hartford Whalers Logo

This logo uses negative space technique to create a whale tail and negative “W” (Whalers) and “H” (Hartford). This popular logo was created in 1979 by ace designer Peter Good. Many seasoned designers love this logo design and use it as a source of inspiration.

Major League Baseball Logo

Originally designed to commemorate the MLB anniversary, the popular MLB silhouetted logo is an inspirational design. Many designers consider it as one the trendsetter in the field of logo designing. This logo also teaches us the right use of colors in graphic designs.

Super Bowl Logo

The Super Bowl logo is yet another famous sports logo that has long kept people talking about it. The logo features the symbol of the Vince Lombardi trophy. The game’s corresponding Roman numerals and the stadium in the background give a unique identity to this logo.

Chicago Bulls Logo

The use of bull to represent strength, courage and determination has long been a fad amongst sports logo designer community. This simple logo with the rhetorical use of the oxen symbol may be one of the reasons for the team winning championships after championships.

Washington Redskins Disputed Logo

Known as one of the most controversial sports logos of all times, it uses a Red Indian as a symbol of aggression and passion.

London Olympics Logo

Created to commemorate the Olympics, London Olympics logo mark has been criticised by people across the globe. The angularity, non-traditional colors and the asymmetrical complex shape make this logo unique.

In conclusion, sports logos are inspirational designs as they convey values of positive aggressiveness, passion, and competitiveness.