How to Design a Logo: The Ultimate Guide

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Ever saw a major brand without a logo? No? That’s because there is none. A logo has a profound effect on how your brand is perceived by your clients. So of course you want your logo to be exceptional. Yet how is it that you get? This handy guide will teach you all you really need to understand to create the perfect logo for you and your business. From establishing the essence of your brand to knowing what makes a perfect logo, selecting the appropriate design choices and managing the design process, read about how to design a logo.

Here are the main Steps to Design a Logo:

You might be wondering: How do we design my own logo? These are the steps which you must take:

Understand why you need a logo. And why it should be great.

Business is just like dating –your main aim is to attract the right clients and you want them to fall in love with your business. So let’s think logo on your dating profile as the image. That is what will make a person intrigue themselves and want to know more about you (or swipe left since you’re not for them). So you surely want to look best in order to attract them, right?

The logo would have a significant impact on the business’ first perception: it will provide details about your brand to your consumers and it would let them decide whether it’s right for them.  Since your logo is such a crucial part of the brand, you want to ensure it is created well. All the products you sell should have your logo on them. A perfect, skilled design of the logo has the ability not just to express what you stand for. This will also give you a strong initial impression and help you stand out from the crowd.

Define your Brand Identity

You want to make your logo convey the essence of your company. And to do that, you first need to consider what the core persona of your company is. When you have a good idea of what makes you special, as well as what your brand is all about, making design choices that fit and complete the look will be much simpler for you.

To know about your brand identity, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Why have we started this business?
  • What are the principles and values which are essential to us as a business?
  • How better do we do than everybody else?
  • What is it that makes us special?
  • If we were able to explain our mark in three words, what would they be?
  • What are the three words which our consumers would like to use to define us?

Find Inspiration for your Design

The toughest part of the design phase may be finding inspiration for the logo. Fortunately we do have tips for you which will make it really convenient.

You may be a logical person and like to begin by gathering linguistic ideas. A proper strategy meeting may just be what you’d like to pin down the feel and look that you’re seeking to accomplish. Here are three steps to help you with this:

Follow the brainstorming rules: Brainstorming is about taking out all the ideas and writing all of them down.  Even a stupid idea can spark a discussion, leading to a brilliant solution.

Think like an audience: Create a list of words describing your brand and how you would like it to be portrayed. Think of your demographic target as an individual and often remember what’s essential to them.

Get everybody involved: An exclusive-person-brainstorm is fine, but the magic can only happen with variety. Bring in staff from any department, or just business associates and friends. The more opportunities the better.

Should not be afraid to step out of the box and be a little different when it comes to coming up with ideas for your logo. See how skillfully logos like those for Crypto Caveman and Nice Trip merge concepts you wouldn’t normally associate with each other, like bitcoins and cavemen or a honey bee on a map? These choices of new design help them convey personality and attract the audience.

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