How You Should Boost SEO? 5 Tips To Crack It!

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After you have created an awesome website, what follows is to bring people to it. For your website to rank high in search engines such as Bing and Google, you need a little bit understanding in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). Although many don’t like this topic, it is not as scary as many make it to be.

By using Wix, which has the best SEO, on you can easily use its power for your personal website. The use of the new, very efficient and free Wix SEO wiz is the first step towards the right side.

The Wix SEO wiz is a tool which is user-friendly that will take you through the process of optimizing your website step by step.

There is no guarantee that your site will rank on Google since there are so many websites on the web today. Alternatively, there are many simple things that by doing will increase your chances of securing top ranks. The tips explained below will help to improve website SEO within an hour.

Choice Of The Right URL

Before going live, you need to select a URL for your website it is also called the domain name. It will be used by visitors to find your site by typing it in as your address. It is among the first things seen by visitors whenever they come to your website.

This explains why it is usually the first place that Google examines to understand what your site is all about and make a decision on its ranking.  It is also essential to ensure that your URLs are beautiful and clean. This implies that no hash bags, special characters and no page ID.

The best domain should include keywords that are relevant to your business and without leaving out your business name. For example, a contractor may want to purchase a domain name like

However, you should make sure that the link chosen is not broken since broken links make the worst usability. The search engines also perceive them to be signaling a neglected old site and this can negatively impact on your SEO ranking. The testing of links should not be done manually; the following apps and tools help in ensuring that your site is free from broken links. These are:

  • Google Webmaster Tool,
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • W3C Link Checker

The following are examples of links for different purposes at different locations in the text.

Links to your contact us from: can be on the bottom of each page so that users who are interested in doing business with you can contact you directly after navigating the content without having the difficulty of finding your contacts.

Internal links: should be within the content and should give further information.

Interlinking within your website creates a better user experience, boosts your business and improves your SEO indirectly.

Creation Of Titles Descriptions For Each Page

It is good to understand that you can write a good description and a unique title for every page of your website. These are texts that give a brief, clear and accurate description of what your business is all about, ideally with few phrases and keywords mixed in.

In determining the ranking of your site, the Google uses the description and the title as part of the first determinants.

In addition to that, the failure of your site to show up in the result page will make your title and description to be read by the web surfers. These will learn about your site and decide to check it or not.

Utilization Of Anchor Text

You should consider where to use your anchor text within your site as you write the text on your website. An anchor text is the one that visitors can click on to shift directly to another web page which may either be on your site or on the internet.

The anchor text should be effective to assist users to navigate your website and get what they are after. It should also include phrases and keywords related to what you actually do.

The anchor text provides a great and effective method of boosting your SEO, but you should bear in mind that too much lining or anchors that are helpless to your readers may raise red flags with Google.

Addition Of Alt Texts To All Your Images

Though search engines are good at reading website texts, they have no information on how to look at your website images. A written concise description about each image on a website is used to comprehend what is displayed in a graphic or on a website.

As you write an alt text, always ensure you have explained accurately not only what shown in the image, but should also include your business name or some keywords in relation to what you do.

However, alt texts for images that are purely design related or functional like background images should not be written. Also, you should skip alt texts for the images having nothing to do with the topic of your site. The relevancy of your content to search engines is signaled by using keywords for your image file names, title, caption and description.

 Giving The Site Structure With The Right Headers

The user experience of your website is improved tremendously by the good formatting of your content. It encourages readers to stick to your content by spending much of their time reading it and willing to come back for more. This ultimately signals the relevancy of your website to search engines.

Each of your website pages should have a title, subtitle and other components. By scanning your website, the search engines will have a better understanding of your content if the text hierarchy is well explained.

The title of the page is the most important and you should state it as H1 which is descriptive of the contents of the page. However, you should only have one H1 per page. You should carefully choose not forgetting the inclusion of keywords. The H1 should be followed by H2, H3 and so on. The ease with which the search engines digest your site content depends on the clarity of the text structure.

Proper usage of header tags helps to break up your content into easier to read and utilize sections. The rating of the keywords in header tags by the search engines is done more heavily. You can then improve your SEO ranking against keywords by including relevant terms in the header tags. The tags,

  • Should be an eye-catching location at the top and the largest text on the page
  • Should have no character limit but should be relevant and descriptive.

You can try out Wix SEO Wiz which is an audit tool for a comprehensive, intuitive and free solution that will lead you in all steps of optimization.

To get your website showing up as the leading search result on Google, you should optimize your search engine using the website editor, whether you get edited by yourself or working with a webmaster.

Having the basic knowledge about the SEO can be a huge step ahead of the competitors and can help make your site the topmost in the search results!

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