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WordPress tool is free to install and use. This helps to create blog, edit, publish, and many more such features at just one place. It is used worldwide all around the globe, that’s why it is one of the tool which an individual never resist to use for their website development. It makes website to attract more number of customers which ultimately increases the leads and sales of company. This tool is not only used by Ecommerce websites, instead all companies uses it whether it is small scaled or medium scaled. So you can also use this tool for your website to as it has many more features given below:

1) Saves your investment as it is free to use.
2) You can make your website more attractive without paying extra money.
3) You can make your choice from hundreds of themes available.
4) You can easily make your website an enhanced SEO.
5) Can grow your business without spending extra money on advertisement.
6) Provides security to your website.
7) It is a user-friendly tool, that means anyone can use it if he has some basic knowledge.
8) Translation from one language to another can be made possible.

So just don’t wait and install this software as soon as possible to make your website an attractive one and user-fiendly.

WordPress developer is someone who is capable of making custom modules and plugins. To become a complete WordPress developer, one must have strong commands on PHP and MySQL. Without mastering these two tools, one cannot customize a WordPress theme that is one of the prerequisites to becoming a complete WordPress developer. Even a layman, who has very little knowledge about building websites, can build websites by simple drag and drop and using available themes but he won’t be able to customize them before learning PHP and MySQL. Becoming a complete WordPress isn’t that simple as it sounds to be. To learn PHP, one must have a strong programming background and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts to gain good enough command over PHP and its frameworks as well. To modify the interface of a theme, a WordPress developer must also have command on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He must also have an understanding of aesthetics (understanding element arrangements on the screen, the color and font choices, and so on). And the last thing, a WordPress developer must have a creative mind to be able to customize the interface of the themes in order to make the interface and functionality convenient for the user. In a nutshell, a WordPress developer is someone who can understand the code behind themes, and able to modify them.

A WordPress developer is someone who has learnt the art of designing Websites on WordPress.A WordPress developer designs attracting and easy to use Websites/blogs. Before WordPress, the process of Web development was a very tedious and exhausting process. A professional WordPress developer is someone who has knowledge about the following things:

    • What is the event-driven design pattern?
    • What’s the difference between actions and filters?
    • Why is it a bad idea to use some of the newer PHP features
    • when working with WordPress-based code?
    • Are plugins written in an object-oriented or a procedural manner?
    • What are five of the available WordPress APIs?

Now, we have learnt that who is a WordPress developer and what skills are required to become a complete WordPress developer, it is time to have a look at the responsibilities of a WordPress developer. A WordPress developer is responsible for customizing themes and building an attracting, easy to use websites by customizing themes. A WordPress must have complete knowledge about plugins available and about the use and purpose of every plugin. A furthermore, a WordPress developer’s role varies from the company he is working in and the types of projects they usually get from clients. A WordPress developer is responsible for testing backups of all the WordPress sites he manages and ensures that the software those sites are using is up to date. He also does weekly security scans of the sites as well as performance monitoring. His roles also include site planning, developing custom themes, installing or modifying plugins, building pages, and populating content.

this industry.

To become a WordPress developer you need to know HTML and CSS. You must have an understanding of PHP and Javascript. One might even need to have greater database knowledge if he/he is will to dive into backend development, too.

And while all of these skills are essential if one wants to become an effective developer, there are quite a few others that too few in the industry spend the time necessary to perfect.

The following skills might not be technical in nature, but they are arguably every bit as essential as knowing how to do some basic coding stuff.

1. Unambiguous Planning

Being a “ solid planner” is a real asset for WordPress developers. So often when the inspiration to do something big, developers dive in head first without any sort of planning. And while their passion and enthusiasm level is high, the lack of a plan can cause serious issues.

2.Delivering Projects on Time

Most of the big projects these days are now made on WordPress, therefore, a WordPress developer should also be good enough to deliver projects before the deadline. Due to miraculous features provided by WordPress, Web development has become a very easy job and clients want to get their work done quickly or else you should not expect them to trust you for their work.

3. Smart Marketing

Another of important skills developers need is an ability to market their product smartly. It would not matter much if you’re offering your plugin or theme for free or for some pay – one still needs to know how to market himself if he wants to make the most of his time.

4.SEO Knowledge

Search Engine Optimization knowledge is considered to be a bonus for any WordPress developer nowadays considering its importance for ranking the Websites. WordPress provides plugins for it, so at least, a developer must be able to use those plugins properly. Some of these plugins are paid and some of them are free.

5.Proper Use Of Tools

The whole WordPress revolves around plugins and if the developer is skilled and smart enough, he would make the best use of them. Plugins save the time of developer by preventing him from writing piles of code. By simply installing a plugin, a developer can make a Website attracting and easy to use.


WordPress is a rapidly growing thing. The finest developers in the business these days know this and do their very best to adapt. This not only applies to technical skill, but also to general business functions. A good developer must be capable of planning, marketing, delegating, and understanding when a project needs to go kaput, too.

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