Useful Tips To Improve Your WordPress Website Design Services

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Every website owner wants a stunning site to build their online presence in the marketplace. Nowadays, it is a need of every business. Having an online platform you have a chance to get more traffic. But if you already have a lot of audiences and it is not helping you to meet the brand goals then you have to need to identify that what is going wrong.

It is beneficial for you and does help in many business aspects. Ensure that your website design is good for both end users. So, offering a good user interface it’s not an easy part, it’s a challenge for every WordPress web designer in Chicago.

According to a report, your website should take under three seconds to load. 94% of visitors are viewed your web design in the first impression and 75% users identify the brand credibility that is based in the site.

Initially, mostly the visitors are not ready to buy your product or want to take any service. Either you clicked the user mind and behavior initially. One thing you must keep in mind that if your site is not appropriate for giving the useful information then you’re such wasting your time.

You can see the website of your competitors and get the ideas how they can play what techniques they are applying in the site. Get all the ideas from there and after then give complete guidelines to your freelance WordPress designer to make sure everything in the design.

So, here I discuss the useful tips for designing a wonderful website that let you a chance to bring more traffic to your site to increase your website conversion rate.

Easy to use

Ensure that your site must be easy to navigate that gives a great user experience. Try to create simple as many users get facilitate from your site. If your site is easy to use then the stay time of your site can be increased.

Use Videos in Website

Adding the product videos in a site increase your conversion rate. There are many companies who use videos for their business-to-business (B2B) purpose. The user wants the best experience so, it is necessary for you that to add some entertainment on your website. You’ll see many companies they share interesting stories and videos in their website design to get high engagement on the site.

Nature of Color

You can play with the nature of color. Let me give you an example, if your target audience is women then you try to use purple, green and blue on your call-to-action (CTA) button. Similar to men focus on blue, green and black colors. So try to use mix colors if you’re targeting both. According to a report, the most appealing thing is that when the button is changed from green to yellow because it increases your conversion by 6.3%.

So, whatever you chose the colors your main priority is to grab the attraction of visitors. Hire a professional WordPress developers in Chicago to make the things better in your website.

Unique Value Proposition

Don’t know about your unique value proposition? Then it means you have to identify the problem on your website or a project. Your site must be appealing and attractive than other after that the users will come into your website and see everything about your products and services.

Special Offers

There’s another option to grab the user attention by adding the special offers on your website. If the visitors come and see the offer that you added in a site. So, either they didn’t come to purchase the items but might be possible when they came back, they had used your services.

So, this is one of the most efficient technique that many business owners used on their websites. So, don’t lose any single chance to create the hipe. Remember a single activity can build your business.

Use Short Forms

There are many people add the long form on their website. Try to use short description forms on your websites like name, email address and city because users are just hated to fill a detailed form. So keep things simple as you can to gain the attention of users till a long time.

Add Live Chat

Many business owners included a live chat in a homepage on their website. Users prefer the online chat with the quick response from your site. This is another option you can try to improve your WordPress website design services in front of your target audience.

Add Proper Images, Headings and Texts

Try to add appropriate images related to your design. People love to see the new and good looking images. It gives a fresh feel to users to attract in your design.

Using proper headings and text in a website is the most important element to get the user attention. It also gives help to gain more traffic on your site. Make sure your text and headings are related to the content and it should be useful to the users.


These are some important techniques you should use on your WordPress website. Try to use simple, attractive and effective techniques to gain the user attention. So try to use all these important elements to use on your site to provide a useful and amazing scenario to your audience.

Adding different things that show the beauty of a website to the audience. Techzo LLC ensure that you can improve your services and sales by using these effective techniques.

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