Crucial Website Design Elements You Should Know

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Website trends and styles keep emerging as time proceeds. Every component performs a different function such as to improve the visibility of content on different devices.

It is not essential to follow every website trend but still, it can enhance potential visitors of your site. Having so many options, it is not easy to choose that which component is suitable for your site. Some crucial elements are explained below that will help you to improve your website functionality.

Unique Typography

Different companies use particular typography. Due to advancements in the recent past, designers have a lot of choices to make. It has facilitated brands to express their self efficiently through typography.

Top brands are recognizable due to their unique typography and it also increases their brand value. Websites have more visitors if has elegant typography and visible font sizes.

If you are creating a company’s brand, typography choice is really important for your site. It explains to users that what you are and what you do as a brand. Web designers have to ensure that font is working properly on different devices and browsers.

To get an idea about the latest typography and font trends, take a brief look at corporate web design inspiration work. If you choose a font that common browser and devices do not support then it will make a visual representation of your site terrible.

Responsive Images

The large and responsive image is the key element of your website. You can build a great visual experience for visitors by focusing on images. Other components like a banner or social media buttons have their own importance.

Images should be placed in the background with text and other content. It visually explains your brand story without depending on the text.

If you own a company, you will have clients from all over the world. Now you don’t have any idea that either they are accessing your site through a tablet, Smartphone or laptop. So it is necessary that the images on your site should be visible on every device. Every custom web design company is responsible to create responsive images for a great user experience.

Background Videos are Important

Such videos that play automatically in the background make a good contribution to the site. These videos are handy because it can explain the background of your brand and in this way, content can also be reduced.

If you take a look at the top websites, you will see that after landing on their home pages video starts playing automatically in the background.

Background video is the best way to engage your visitors. It compels users to visit your site again and again. Your target audience can have the better understanding of your company services by watching something visually.

In comparison to text, videos are processed more quickly by our brains. People usually don’t prefer to read long paragraphs of text because it could be really boring. Watching videos is effortless and less time-consuming. While having background videos for a website, make sure that it is optimized for the screen size of different devices.

Menu Bar

Majority of websites have the long menu bar which takes up half of the screen space. Hamburger or hidden menu has changed this approach. These menus provide a clear path to visitors about your services. Having such kind of menu bar eliminates busy navigation from the site.

Professional web designers improve the user experience by integrating a user-friendly menu bar. It also helps people to complete their desired action.

Large Product Images

Product images are the most important aspect of web designing. It portrays a clear picture of your products and services in mind of your target audience. By displaying the large images of products on site, you can highlight its every feature.

For images, it is important to be responsive so that users can have the optimized experience that is viewing your site from different devices. Big product images make designers work easier because they can highlight the feature more effectively.

By following this method your services can be improved. Images display certain benefits that a user can get by using it. Big images can be scanned easily and make users to easily understand the function of different products.

Card Design

Card design is one of the most used trends that are used in the website designs. These designs help to convey the information easily to the people. Users can simply consume less amount of content and break it into different pieces. By doing it users can select the articles which they want to expand.

You can also keep your homepage well-organized by using card designs. Also, you don’t have to depend on the huge text. Card designs are gaining popularity among different web design services. A large piece of information can be delivered by using these designs.

These designs are the best solution for your brand’s website. Card designs should be responsive and adjustable on different screen sizes.

Feature Videos

Like background videos, feature videos are also the important element of website designing. Such videos are used to highlight different aspects of your brand operations. It resolves issues of customers related to the utilization of products.

According to the statistical study, 90% of clients watch the online videos while searching for products. Videos make a huge impact on the mind of the visitor. Therefore, you must create videos for the site to influence your customer decision.

Short videos can play an important role to help you in fulfilling your purpose. It also helps your clients to understand your services without spending too much time on a site. Content in the written form has its own value but through short videos, your clients can easily make their mind to avail of your services.


Important elements that are explained in this article will help you to create a responsive and optimized website. It will help you in fulfilling your business goals.

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