How to Become an Expert WordPress Developer

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WordPress scales well along with your skills, and it is one of the best things about it. You can use the platform to make a successful website without any technical knowledge. After being comfortable, you might want to consider becoming a WordPress developer. Using a few ways, you can make your way in the WordPress development world to polish the needed skills. Having some prior knowledge may be a good start, but anyone can get involved in the field. To help you in this process, we will focus on what you should know and introduce a few resources that might be helpful.

A few of the common reasons to start learning how to be a WordPress developer are:

  • For full customization of the site, then it is possible through the default options.
  • The themes and plugins that exist are not offering what you need, so you are looking forward to making your own.
  • You want to make money through WordPress development, like by selling the themes, plugins, or websites.
  • For contribution to WordPress by developing its core platform.

Regardless of the ambitions or the reasons that you have, you should start with the basics. We will look at the things that are involved in becoming a WordPress developer.

Becoming the WordPress Developer

Many avenues are involved in becoming a WordPress developer, and no path is the best one. However, there are a few things that every beginner should know. In the steps below, you will be prepared to jump into the WordPress development world.

1. Know the Basic Languages

There is power in knowledge, and this is true when it comes to development. The essential criteria for getting to know WordPress development are to be familiar with the languages that this platform has been built on. The four most essential languages are PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, among many others. They can be used in many ways. To begin with, you can focus on CSS and HTML.

2.     Build the list of Essential Resources

The popularity of WordPress has a number of benefits. There are many resources that can be used for learning about it. There is no exhaustive list; a few good places to start with include, The WordPress Codex, The developer site, Dedicated WordPress courses, and The Make WordPress website.

3. Choose the Place That You Want to Get Involved In

There is no single place to start with, which means that you can start with whatever is the most comfortable place for you. There are a few common ways that you can use to start developing WordPress. These include Adopt or fork the WordPress plugin or theme, making your plugin or theme, or getting involved in the WordPress core.


Starting to learn the development of WordPress might not seem easy if you are new to this field. But WordPress is the best place to start learning development because of its approachable nature as well as a supportive community. There is no perfect way, but the steps given above may help you through the process.

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