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The consultancy services provided by Techzo shall be available in face to face as well as phonetic modes because we respect your time schedule and priorities. The first tutorial session shall not incur any cost and shall be a trial session. Depending on the work background the client is coming from, counselling services can require either an internal consultant or an external consultant, both of which are possessed by Techzo. While on the session the client shall have full access to our entire consultancy case study database, enabling him to gather knowledge, if he finds a study similar to his own problems. So let Techzo show you its consultancy facilities in a nutshell:

  • Business transformation consultants: One of the most common visitors to counselling farms are corporate tycoons and entrepreneurs. Their main concern lies in increasing their output level, and ensuring their cash flow remain constant ever during recessional times. A tricky analytic process, but no worries. Techzo includes expert economists and cash flow specialists who have dealt with terribly crippling economic structures and have come up with profitable solutions. The advisory skills of our consultants vary from business recognition to capability gaps, thereby profiting both individuals as well as corporations.
  • Engineering consultants: In case you belong to an engineering sector or electrical industries, facing troubles regarding customization, designing, maintenance or operability, feel free to explain your problem to our experts on engineering consultancy. The consultancy sessions shall consist of simulator-based plans and calculative estimations for precision and accuracy. The Techzo consultancy is widely in demand in several automotive industries as well, for their consultancy accuracy.
  • Human Resource(HR) consultants: One of the most complex difficulties involve interpersonal interactions, and especially in business alliances or joint ventures, if the mutual connection between members of both the company doesn’t hold well, the contract might go out of hand. Which is why, our consultants provide sound advice on employment operations and HR management tutorials, to ensure you do not share the same fate as those who have lost their credibility, because of the lack of skill in interactive management. Several enterprises are currently facing interpersonal conflict problems, thus making Techzo as a potential service provider to their requirements.

Price outlay for our provision of facilities

Techzo provides emphasis on its own services to its clients and ensures flexibility of payment structure to meet the financial conditions of our clients whenever required. We maintain our integral policy of viewing your problems as our own and therefore put our heart and soul together as if we are helping ourselves.  Which is why Techzo has also implemented web analytics services which shall calculate and predict the efficiency of our consulting solution to the problems endured by our clients, and this highly advanced shall be inclusive to the consultancy service and shall incur no extra charges. Therefore Techzo consultancy services not only focus on their service assurance but also ensure the reasonable price and therefore, it is the best option for large scale corporate services as well.

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