The 5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

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WordPress was able to roll out its 5.0 version back in the year 2019. The new update came up with block-based webpage editing, which was to provide an intuitive web building. The Gutenberg editor and the new tool were the additional features that made the 5.0 version the most significant update within the year.  From this time, the release has grown into the current 5.3 version. The translation has continued to grow by each year. You should know the plugins of WordPress that try to extend the core features of the central platform. All that is passed by time since most of the users are waiting to see what trend is to be expected in the year 2020. The users’ attention is now shifting so that they can wait and see if they will be ready to embrace the change in the platforms. The coming change can be best for behavior in the market. Many things are upcoming with the new technology. WordPress has the power to keep a brand in the market for as long as the company running. Below are the trends in WordPress.

Implementation of artificial intelligence

This is one of the biggest trends in WordPress. You may have heard about this trend in most places; this is for the best reason. Artificial Intelligence has been one of the biggest technological game-changers a human has ever come across in a long time of the human race. The abilities that are provided by A.I help all the websites to gain huge returns. Most of the organizations in the world have implemented the A.I technology in workplaces. It is better to understand that planning is of more importance when it comes to implementing the A.I technology. When A.I technology is used correctly, it empowers websites to have new capabilities.

The use of multipurpose themes

The themes of WordPress help to influence and have a better website layout. This has been there since the beginning of the platform. The multipurpose themes help in operating a large number of independent websites. The websites have to be having favor on the large organization so that they can enhance the development of the business while managing many sites. The multipurpose themes are designed to follow the roles available and are ready to have any job done.

Integration of live chat and chatbots

This helps the organizations to give immediate support to its customers at all times. This platform is the best for answering questions that are frequently asked. It provides room for one to learn the customer’s behavior. Enhancing users’ experience to the visiting customers is brought about by chatbots or the live support windows. Most of the customers have preferred to be interacting with the business via the live chat software.

Voice search optimization

More people are coming up to use voice-assistance features, which are useful for online searches. This trend will be the best by the year 2020 since most organizations are trying to capitalize on it.

Virtual and augmented reality

VR technology is growing very fast in recent years. The media-based opportunities have gotten into another new world with the help of VR. VR industry is being expected to explore by the year 2024; this means that it will be active by the year 2024.

WordPress support to succeed in 2020

WordPress has been so much dynamic through maximizing the potential requirements of having a constant improvement and upkeep.


It is good to be at a peak with the current technology. You have to know the new features of the websites that you are using. In case of an update, you should be able to change with the changes in the latest software.

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