Developing For Android VS IOS – In 5 Rounds

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One of the awesome things about developing Android is that, it is reachable and easy to use. In terms of accessibility, it is easy to get started and can be distributed to the users easily. To me, it’s like the old time that came back where you didn’t need a whole big team to make money for new games and software. Like the older hardware development these Android app development companiesmobile phones now assure that anyone who has the sense to use the smart phone can the world by storm.

Maybe most of the people don’t know this, that before we had Android and play store we had IOS and apple store. So basically we should be thanking Apple for introducing gaming apps like ‘gold rush’. Now the question is which is the best choice for a developer? Is it Android or IOS?

  1. Development: Round 1

Let’s start with how one should start creating an app. We will tell you how things go with a flow for creating an app. This is evident you need to get all important documents and support to start with. But before to starting up with you really need to get your head in because this is not just a new programming language you will start up with. But a whole lot things to be considered.

  • Developing IOS:

In case of Apple, you will need to create your app using IOS SDK and Xcode IDE. The Xcode has many programming languages in it. But developers will always prefer swift, as swift is the programming language created by the Apple itself. Swift is a C programming based language, but it’s more concise and prone in terms of errors. But if you are confident enough, you may use simple Xcode with a simple objective, JavaScript or C language and Python are one of the easiest languages among all others.

So how easy is all this actually? If you prefer IOS app Development Company you got to be expecting things more straightly forward. Swift works with Cocoa Touch, Cocoa Touch is an API which builds IOS UI elements in it. This means you will be getting your head in swift as well as Cocoa touch in order to understand it clearly and later IOS SDK.

There is one add on which stands as a barrier and that is, Xcode only works with Macs. Yes, you got me right; if you plan to develop it for IOS you will need a more powerful Mac or an iPhone or iPad if you don’t have one. This means you have to invest even more before getting started.

  • Developing Android:

Things are not that different on the Android side as compared to IOS. Again, you will need IDE which in case of Android will definitely be Android Studio. This means you will be working simultaneously with Java and Android’s own language i.e. Android SDK.

So which one is more appealing and streamlined out of two? The Honest answer would be ‘None’ for the beginners. And as far as my experience is concerned, I know more about Android development than IOS development app. keeping it short and easy, objective C and swift are not two different worlds. They are more or less same; it all depends on your usage. Both have a fair amount of structure and rely on objective oriented basis. There is also nothing available on the web to prove which is more superior.

Let’s talk about the big win. You can now install Android on Mac and PC having a better auto complete. But prior to that digging in both the camps, there are several complains about its inadequacy and not as quick as expected. Which sounds quite fair?

Match: Draw

  1. Guidelines for design: Round 2

The language used for designing is different for Android and Apple as well as the interface. Google and Apple encourage consistency with in the apps.

  • Android Vs IOS Design:

Android has more clear and precise influence in terms of usage. The language is easy for the user to understand. Going in detail in this isn’t our topic but just to round up, the UI elements are treated as if they are real like it’s a physical body just like a paper. And uses clues like animations, shadows etc to communicate with the user.

When IOS development app are a bit more complicated, it includes the negative effect usually the space, transitions, images, and other translucent elements. Apparently, IOS is a flatter compared to Android and the evidence is the usage of cards in both.

Match: Android won

There are no second thoughts about Google’s clear guidance for the development of its material design. Android made it on top in terms of material design. Though Android has made its place on top, this also increased the pressure on them to maintain their consistency.

  1. Fragmentation: Round 3

Some way or the other an app is dependent on its hardware, directly or indirectly. Even the lack of back button spoils the design and UI. And this relationship together goes on deeper.

When you ask a developer about is comparing IOS with Android the first thing that will come in their mind will be fragmented. Unfortunately, building up one Android device means building plenty of more devices with different sizes and DPIs. Other than that we have Fragmentation in different versions of Android.

According to a research 5.6% people still using gingerbread 2015.

This has become a problem.  Developers think that they now need to build a flawless yet responsive design. But they also have to think hard whether they should add a new feature or not as privacy and security concerns and other market won’t be able to use their apps.

They also claim that Android developers are in advantage. You want to know how? They can create many other devices using OS, including wearables, Car navigation, etc. These shows Android to have wider and broad range for development.

Match: IOS won

  1. Publishing: Round 4

By reading above paragraph you now know Android enjoys significant benefits because of this broad nature. For starters, it’s best as it allows them to use system’s inner working and create something can’t be created on IOS. All the ways from developing to launching Android is in a win-win. Then it comes to publishing, which again Android took the position as it does not limit your creativity while Apple does. While apple is quite focused on what kind of apps they want.

  • Play store VS App store:

Publishing an app on play store is quite simple and cheap. You just need to sign up first and then upload your APK. This will take a couple of hours to go live once, it’s done the people can download that app from play store. You just have to pay 25$ once and that’s about it.

While IOS app goes under several processes. You need to pay an annual fee of 99$ then the app is tested by real life humans. This takes a couple of days and there is a possibility of rejection. Apple can also reject if they find it too low bow or offensive. They check if there is no similar app in app store previously or if they find it too boring they reject.

Match: Android won

  1. Profits: Round 5

This is obvious that when you are developing an app you need to keep the profit margin in mind. And this point where Apple wins. Apparently, you will find more apps in play, store and the number of download is too high. But the Apple store earns and bring more revenue than Play store. IOS users are happy to spend more on app purchases and this is the high time you should think to make a choice. But there is still hope for Android users; they still earn more than Windows phone developers.

Match: IOS won (quite obvious)

And the winner is…. No one both has won twice and draw one match. This means both the superheroes has teamed up to defeat a mutual enemy. This was just a fancy way, but on a lighter note there is no clear winner it all depends on your priority and your usage.

These points above will only weigh if you have your approaches and priority set straight. You yourself can now decide which platform suits you the best and why. Both operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages; we can only sit back and pray for dual booting OS.

The above match was not a wrestling ring that one has to win. The comparison was only done to give a clear picture of the kind of features, design you expecting from IOS app development companies and what you will be getting. I personally feel both are in win-win in a way or other. There is nothing like rating even Google won’t be able to answer this question.

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