Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns

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Social Media hence forth becomes an indispensable part in our life. With the one keeps at mind connected with our close friends, however, various ways uses Social Media Platforms. Some of them as follow:

  1. Give away contests:

There is one simple way which promotes the business started with contests related to business of Social Media Account. One however can start quizzes related to business where there is a post which has a product offering and asks the follower writing the product name and why they like it. Also one can ask the people to go through company website along with asking quizzes related to that page. It brings traffic to your website and knows about your business. This way one can make reward of the winner with top 10 participants. This creates the word of mouth related to your business.

  1. Tag Customers:

Most of the time one keeps talking about employee satisfaction where there is employee motivation which one hardly thinks about customer recognition bringing the business to us. You thus can simply tag your customer with maximum transactions you in the month. Thus it is a simple way yet powerful way which creates strong bond within the customer and the company. With this one can increase the customer loyalty with the feeling of excitement and joy. This however feels a great brand of your business.

  1. Post behind scene photos:

There is a finish product or services with the result continuous works of your people in the organization. The customer however feels there is business upon seeing photos behind the scene.

  1. Use reactions:

With lot of inputs which is to your product relates however has an idea freely on Social Media marketing services. With knowing more about your product idea is right or not. With the idea of not spending the money, with the product where there is a small video checks reactions of people. Remember with the days where there are company people who ask for the company product reviews on paper. Most people avoids today on Social Media getting quick and awesome response which makes it more fun.

  1. Use more Emotions:

People experiences with remembering symbols where there are most of us getting easily attached feelings. So always prefer using more and more emotions and fewer words. Hence it is easy to touch the chord with feeling of explaining them through words. They are simple, fun, and effective enough in creating sense of attachment with your brand. People love simple things with simple things getting more tough with creation but most impressive.

  1. Create how to video:

Creating a how to video promotes best way of your products with the existing as well as the prospective customer. With an entertaining animated video skyrocket your business. With always one pushing your content team to produce awesome video content is with How to series on your product offers. These are multiple benefits of strategy. However, if the video is fun and entertaining, it builds the company brand name. With this, your existing customer finds easy to use of your products creating a brand loyalty.

  1. Run a poll among your audience:

When one builds a large follower with Social Media Account, takes a help in tasting the preference of existing customer. Suppose if one has an ice-cream company where there is an offer three varieties of ice-cream. Thus they are Strawberry, Vanilla, and Butterscotch. With the one simply running a poll knows which tastes are mostly to prefer. This helps pre-assessment and produces the product as per the customer demand. Thus with no point in producing vanilla and strawberry both 50% and 75% people prefers strawberry.

  1. Create a Facebook live or Instagram live:

When you launch a new product or make promotion of product, go live on Facebook and Instagram. It is simple yet most impressive in making your brand presence which felt in the world. Going live with a kind of event promotion strategy where your follower loves to be a part of it. With the one creating an awesome memorable event makes one go live on social Media Account. It has something that engages them or entertains them.

  1. Repurpose content like blogs and videos:

Whenever one launches a new product or make promotions there are products, go live on Facebook and Instagram. This is simple yet most impressive which is on the way making your brand presence felt in the world. Going live with a kind of event promotion strategy is where your follower loves to be a part of it. Creating an awesome memorable event is live on social Media Account. This is something that engages them or entertain them.

  1. Jump on trending topics:

By being on social media keeps yourself abreast with latest trending topics. Thus it is to note very essential aligned your marketing communications per the current development. Amul utilizes this opportunity very well.